Proposed Tech Platform – March 2023

For platform implementation details please visit the Competitive Edge Technology website

Note: Some products mentioned in the diagram above are being evaluated as potential solutions

There are three main components to the DeHR technology infrastructure:

(1) The Application Framework on which to build the new open architecture plug in HR component products

(2) The Web3 Peer-to-Peer Hosting Network designed for global governance and implementation

(3) Enabling multiple DLT USE CASES. There will be an extensive ecosystem set up to support developers and network peer hosting agents.

1. The Application Framework

Competitive Edge Technology is about to convert their HR Data Platform working prototype, built on the low code development platform, to the Holochain DLT product. The CET development will be a Proof of Concept focusing firstly on the Employee Owned Ledger before the full application development containing Company Owned Data and the wider Hosting Network will be rolled out to the DeHR community. Holochain is currently in Beta mode and the CET development work is expected to start shortly.

Development will focus on transitioning a working prototype from the Salesforce low code platform to the Holochain Web3 infrastructure. Please see the Application Framework Prototype – Web3

2. The Peer-to-Peer Hosting Network

The new Web3 network will connect peers across traditional cloud computing environments and connect with EDGE devices in a brand new precinct for many business applications. DeHR seeks to connect all types of sensors, IoTs and AI applications where ever they reside.

The immediate objective of the DeHR hosting network is the Australian microgrid network. The number of companies/employees in the diagram below are known to CET. For more details of the project see the Mesh Network pages and companies most likely to be offered the hosting agent rights.

More details will emerge later about potential revenue for hosting agents in the network. In the meantime the links in the various postcodes (zip codes) in the pages listed below will give an indication.

Australian Microgrid Network

Potential Renewable Energy Sharing & Employee Data Hosting Agents

Potential agents within each state or territory can be found on the links below:

Australian Capital Territory  | New South Wales | Northern Territory | Queensland | South Australia | Tasmania | Victoria | Western Australia

3. The Ecosystem

There must be a robust and extensive ecosystem to enable the business community to develop applications on the framework and deploy over a trusted global network.

There will be a host of new use cases identified as Web3 technology is rolled out. Of particular interest is ChatGPT and also the orbiting satellite constellations ground mesh network to provide support for gravitational and solar energy.

Early use cases identified include:

Standard Blockchain Use Cases

Standardized and integrated workforce data platform are shown in the diagram below:

Holochain Insight Pages
Other Contemporary Use Cases


Edge Computing

Satellite Communication and Renewable Energy

Global Mesh Networks

Data Privacy and compliance with the Presidio Principle

Vaccination Passport

COVID Alert  through detection of air fragments prompting employer notification

For more details go to the Potential Use Cases Page