The Original Hybrid-Blockchain Solution

In 2017 Competitive Edge Technology developed an integrated Blockchain / Salesforce Proof of Concept to take advantage of the data privacy and scalability features of emerging Blockchain Technology. The design took into account data ownership: Employee data is owned by the person and HR functional data is owned by the company.

There was no necessity to run company owned data on a Blockchain because it was notoriously energy resource hungry due to the consensus process, questionable latency performance and not easy to make changes. Employee owned data was considered the only practical solution and an integration process was set up to give employees control over access to their data and any changes made by the employee fed through to the off-chain platform.

The Global Governance Function

In early 2020 Competitive Edge Technology (CET), under the leadership of their Founder John Macy, approached the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) to form a partnership to implement a global workforce database to give ownership of personal data to employees and enable data portability as workers moved from one employee to another.

The IHRIM Board of Directors, under the leadership of Mick Collins, trusted a fellow Board member, Nov Omana who shared the same technology vision as John Macy, to pursue the opportunity. Nov very quickly brought another IHRIM Board member, Dr. Dennis Hill into discussions. Dennis had a great depth of technical experience and understood the need to move HR technology to a decentralized model in order to survive in the digital era and embrace new network infrastructure that included 5g networks, Web 3.0, IoT, Edge Computing, microservices and blockchain as the right technology (at that time) to deliver a sustainable HR technology platform.

Change of Platform for Web3 and Decentralization

Since 2017 CET had been working on a private/permissioned hyperledger fabric enterprise blockchain solution. The scalable and secure blockchain technology perfectly fitted into the microservices architecture that CET had been advocating for over a decade. By late 2019 CET had completed a proof of concept by building a blockchain and integrating data from a cloud platform to create an employee database in the blockchain environment.

By 2021 Distributed Ledger Technology had matured to the point where energy consumption and the consensus process was no longer a problem. CET made the decision in late 2021 to evaluate DLT platforms to bring company owned data on to the same platform.

Transition to the New Platform

During 2022 CET will be evaluating several DLT platforms to establish which platform is the best fit for HR