DeHR Consortium Focus 2021

The MyProData blockchain is about to enter a Pilot Program in Australia to create a model for global rollout.

Once the blockchain rollout commences the immediate focus for DeHR Consortium is Employee Data Ownership, International Data Exchange (WEF Presidio Principles) and COVID Vaccination Status.

The DeHR consortium is not the only application recording COVID-19 vaccination details. Governments and private companies are building applications or pinning data to medical records. Supply chains are tracking vaccine movement: But, DeHR is the only organization creating a global workforce database with vaccination status verified by their network of HR professionals, unable to be tampered with and “stapled” to an employee’s record.

The DeHR consortium record is the RECORD OF TRUTH for employee vaccination status to enable safe travel.

If employees move to another employer their vaccination status record, created in the Shared Decentralized Ledger, moves with them. The data is reliable and permanent, yet flexible enough to accommodate change if vaccination frequency changes or new vaccines come online.

The Implementation Process

Due to the urgent requirement to create the DeHR consortium global workforce database, and record employee corona virus vaccination status, the implementation of the global database is being fast tracked. Governance committees are being set up, HR associations from the world invited to participate and enrol registered companies with a view to include their verified (proof of identity) workforce in the HR Shared Ledger. Development of the underlying technology is being tested during a short Pilot Program to confirm the robustness of the global solution.

HR’s Role in Opening Up International Borders for Airline Business Travel

The DeHR Consortium governance layer will play a vital role in 2021 by overseeing company membership of the DeHR blockchain network and allowing the HR professional community to verify identity and record vaccination status that cannot be tampered with and put countries at risk of renewed infection levels.

The DeHR Consortium blockchain is able to adapt quickly and accommodate every country’s method of recording vaccination status for the BUSINESS COMMUNITY and is able to connect with IATA’s Travel Pass to enable travel.

For more information or participate in the Pilot Program contact The diagram below illustrates how it all works.


         The image above is based on IATA’s integration diagram shown on their website

The DeHR Consortium is committed to implementing the World Economic Forum’s Presidio Principles

“Given the scalability and potential reach of blockchain and other technologies, like machine learning and 5G wireless networks, IHRIM believes building a sustainable infrastructure to implement the Presidio Principles globally is achievable for all companies and their digital assets, especially involving verified identification and transaction validation while maintaining personal ownership and control”. Click here to read the full article

Dennis Hill, PhD

Dr. Hill is a member-at-large on the Board of Directors for IHRIM (USA) and the inaugural chair of Consortium DeHR

2020 will not only be remembered as the year a health pandemic swept the world, but the year in which the HR Data transition to the blockchain commenced.

For over 50 years HR have been collecting and storing employee data as part of the employment process. For many years the data was unregulated and, after handing over personal details, employees no longer had control over what happened to their data, who saw it, who used it and for what purpose.

Attempts were made to impose restrictions and create a set of guidelines that were universally acceptable. Europe introduced their GDPR in 2018 and the USA had their Safe Harbour until 2016 when it was replaced by the US-EU Privacy Shield. The fundamental problem with employee data privacy adoption was regulations could not be implemented on an inappropriate HR technology platform. In July 2020 the Court of Justice of the European Union declared the Privacy Shield invalid because it didn’t provide adequate protection for personal data. It was time for change.

Fortunately, in January 2020 the World Economic Forum published the Presidio Principles and enterprise blockchain emerged as the right technology to support the Principles.

It is now time for HR around the world to assist in the implementation of the Principles.


Compliance with privacy regulations not only endorses a basic human right but is essential for global trade and commerce. Of immediate concern is the European Court of Justice decision in mid-July 2020 to invalidate the US-EU Privacy Shield. Chapter 9 of the US-EU Privacy Shield addressed Human Resource Data. There are thousands of companies that rely on the Privacy Shield to transfer HR data across geographic borders. The short-term option to enable on-going data exchange is Standard Contract Clauses and the use of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as the model. The Trusted Global Network for HR Data believe the World Economic Forum’s Presidio Principles may become the universal model for personal data protection.

The Trusted Global Network for HR Data supports and implements the World Economic Forum’s Presidio Principles.

Companies are encouraged to become signatories to the Presidio Principles and demonstrate their support at

The successful implementation of the Presidio Principles relies on the right decentralized blockchain INFRASTRUCTURE and the right GOVERNANCE layer to protect HR data integrity.


For details of subcommittees please see the Governance section of this website

Membership Subcommittee

The Membership Subcommittee sets the rules for participation in the employee data blockchain.

Membership of the Membership Subcommittee will be by invitation to HR membership associations around the world

In turn, participation in the Consortium by companies around the world is by invitation only from the regional HR membership association. In some cases pre-approval may apply whilst the Consortium is evolving.

In turn, once the approval process has taken place and employee private data currently held by companies has been uploaded to the blockchain employees will be given access to their data and control over the maintenance and access privileges from requesting entities. See the Blockchain App in this website for more details

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A small number of pre-approved companies who are eligible to join the Decentralized HR consortium, and commence uploading their data, will be contacted shortly

If your company is not pre-approved, your HR person or company representative, may contact us to find the HR membership organization in your country or region.


To adhere to the Presidio Principle of Transparency & Accessibility platform providers are required to offer an easy to use view into the security profiles of the company owned data platform. Data owners may then understand how their data is being used and for what purpose.

If companies wishing to be accredited for international data exchange or good citizen purposes the Decentralized HR consortium will be providing a service to certify companies based on demonstrating the right technology platform has been deployed and HR data privacy practices are being followed.