TAS Microgrid Networks


Invitations will open soon for companies wishing to host a renewable energy microgrid for community energy sharing, including their employees, and hosting of employee data ownership on a “blockchain” ledger.

Hosting companies will become AGENTS on a global “blockchain” network to deliver all the benefits associated with global carbon emission reductions and employee data ownership and portability.

For a list of pre-approved Australian companies eligible to join the Decentralized HR global network, and receive peference to become hosting agents, please visit the Australia membership page on this site.

The microgrid network will be based on postcodes (zip codes) boundaries listed below.

7000, 7001, 7002, 7004, 7005, 7006, 7008, 7009, 7010, 7011, 7015, 7018, 7050, 71057113, 7140, 7170, 72127248, 7249, 7250, 7262, 7277, 7300, 7303, 7304, 7310, 7315, 7320, 7330, 7469

To find a suburb within a postcode click on the icon [] in the top RH corner of the screen

Details will be published shortly, but successful hosting agents will be required to register with:

  1. The Consortium for Decentralized HR for data governance rules and eligivility
  2. Competitive Edge Technology for Node connection to the nework and receive the HR application framework for plug in components
  3. Local government agencies for compliance with energy trading regulations
  4. The “blockchain” network provider for payment tokenization related to energy sharing arrangements where applicable

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