The entire text in the attached pages, indexed below, has been copied and pasted from ChatGPT responses to questions submitted.

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), from OpenAI, is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to answer questions in a conversational manner: It is like talking to a real person. However, it must be remembered it is drawing data from multiple sources, such as LinkedIn and Wikipedia, and some data may have been updated recently and is not reflected in the ChatGPT response.

Questions and Responses have NOT been edited or changed in any way. Of course, the text has been arranged into a readable and indexed format.

It should be noted that ChatGPT does not FACT CHECK

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Q&A Pages

1.0 The New Web3 Environment

1.1 Will products built on the Holochain Web3 platform for Human Resource systems replace products like SAP and Workday built on a Web2 platform?

1.2 How do I set up a Holochain web3 platform?

1.3 What is the Holochain CLI?

2.0 About Holochain

2.1 Is Holochain available globally?

2.2 Do clients pay a license fee to Holochain?

2.3 Does Holochain have a security model for data ownership?

2.4 Can Holochain use Confluence wiki pages in its wiki application?

2.5 Does Holochain have any competitors in the Web3 space?

3.0 The Holochain HR Application

3.1 Can I build a Holochain application similar to an object relational application like salesforce?

3.2 Can I download and install a pre-built Holochain application on a network node?

3.3 Can I install a pre-built zome component on a Holochain application framework?

3.4 Can I update a Salesforce custom application from Holochain?

3.5 Can Holochain produce user database reports in the same manner that current HR systems do?

3.6 Can Holochain update data in Workday through an approved gateway?

4.0 Legacy Data Transition

4.1 Can I import data to Holochain from a CSV file?

4.2 How would companies transition their HR data from products like Workday to Holochain?

4.3 How do companies reverse engineer their centralized monolithic HR systems to create an HR microservices solution?

4.4 Can the HR-CSAS Human Resource Component Software Application Standard be used as a guide to develop Holochain HR applications?

5.0 Creating the Hosting Network

5.1 What is bootstrapping in Holochain?

5.2 Is it possible to allocate companies an identity and any other credentials prior to joining a Holochain network?

5.3 What does a Holochain client need to install on their node?

5.4 Can a parent node on a Holochain network invite 1,000+ children nodes to join their network?

5.5 Can you give me a roadmap to set up a Holochain network with 1,000+ participants, create a governance function to set up rules, and import data on a csv file for participant’s children nodes?

5.6 What are the hardware and computing requirements for setting up a node on a Holochain network?

5.7 Do I need to purchase a Holoport to join a Holochain network?

5.8 What would be the minimum hardware and computing power for a child node storing a very small dataset on a parent network?

5.9 What is a Raspberry Pi?

5.10 How much does a Raspberry pi cost in Australia and the USA?

5.11 What would be the approximate hosting costs for a node with 1,000+ children nodes with very a very small number of data transactions?

5.12 Can an individual Holochain app run on a Raspberry Pi node without connection to a network?

5.13 Is it possible for a parent node in a Holochain network to access a child node to confirm data, such as license, has been sighted without asking for permission from the child node?

6.0 Holochain Network Governance

6.1 How do I set up a governance function for members of a Holochain network?

6.2 What must a company receive from the network governance group in order to join a Holochain network?

6.3 How does a Holochain network governance group withdraw network membership for a client?

6.4 Can a proxy hosting agent on a Holochain network host a company (parent) and its’ children and how would governance apply?

7.0 The Holochain Network Hosting Operation

7.1 How does a client reach other clients on a Holochain network?

7.2 Can Holochain network hosts charge other self-hosted networks to connect to their network?

7.3 Can companies use a proxy company to host their Holochain network node on their behalf?

7.4 Can you name proxy hosting companies who hosting Holochain nodes on behalf of clients?

7.5 Would proxy hosting companies have access to their clients Holochain employee data?

7.6 Is there an example of a Holochain proxy hosting agreement?

8.0 Cryptocurrency and Token Payments

8.1 Is it necessary for companies to use HOT tokens when participating in a Holochain network?

8.2 What are the alternatives to Holo for network hosting?

8.3 Can I use the Holo hosting network without using HOT tokens for payment?

8.4 How does Holochain use Holo or Hot tokens in their hosting payment model?

8.5 How do Holochain network hosts and developers purchase HOT tokens?

8.6 Does Holochain use NFTs?

9.0 Plug In Components and NFTs

9.1 Can developers build plug in components for a Holochain framework application and receive payment in HOT tokens?

9.2 Must Holochain developers be registered in order to sell their components to a Holochain network?

9.3 What is Holochain’s cryptocurrency policy or strategy?

9.4 How does a Holochain network client create a wallet to store HOT tokens?

10.0 Holochain and Energy Management

10.1 Is it possible for a child in a parent hosted Holochain network to connect to an energy management microgrid to consume and produce electricity?

10.2 Is it possible for a child node to trade electricity with a parent node in a Holochain network without going through a 3rd party microgrid?

11.0 Holochain and Edge Network Devices

11.1 Is it possible for nodes in a Holochain network to connect with devices or sensors in remote locations, such as satellites?

12.0 Implementation

12.1 Is the Consortium for Decentralized HR or DeHR a member of the Holochain ecosystem?

12.2 Is IHRIM (International Association for HR Information Management), under the leadership of Dr. Dennis Hill, the right team to lead the international adoption of Web3 for HR technology?

12.3 Is John Macy from Competitive Edge Technology the right HR technology consultant to design a Holochain HR framework?

12.4 How much global experience has John Macy from Competitive Edge Technology had in selecting and implementing HR systems?