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COVID Vaccination News

NOTE: The DeHR Consortium vaccination status app records vaccination details for EMPLOYEES of registered companies only. The vaccination record will enable strategic decision making by companies, monitor customer contact roles to ensure vaccination status to protect customers, view workforce status to ensure a safe working environment and link to travel documents to open up borders for business travel.

 Which countries have rolled out COVID vaccine?

Aljazeera – December 2020: The mass vaccination programme to protect people from the coronavirus has started globally to combat the pandemic, which has killed more than 1.73 million people globally and infected 78 million people since late December last year.

United States

The same day, the US also started administrating the Pfizer vaccine, with a critical care nurse in New York City, Sandra Lindsay, becoming the first American to receive it.

The Pfizer-BioNTech has been administered to more than a million people since the programme began even as the US authorities have approved a second vaccine made by Moderna.

DeHR Consortium and COVID-19 Vaccination Verification

“In the immediate future, safely re-engaging a global workforce will require a coordinated global HR-centric response. Consequently, implementing a blockchain solution allows HR departments to exercise their governance role for employee data security and ensure any proposed solution’s process and governance integrity. That is where the Consortium DeHR serves an important role, inviting all of the HR associations around the world to gather and address common problems in a post-pandemic or “next normal” era.”