Blockchain – Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain has become the universally adopted term for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Blockchain is only one of several DLTs. The DLT under development by Competitive Edge Technology (CET) is Holochain.

There are many use cases for blockchain in the enterprise application space, but none as urgent or as important as renewable energy support. Solar rooftop photovoltaic panels to capture energy from the sun, electricity sharing amongst communities, the growth of microgrids to supplement main grid electricity supply, and the emergence of the electricity trading industry all have two needs in common:

  1. They all require a customer network
  2. They all are transitioning to a blockchain backbone

The immediate solution to both needs is CET’s DLT ledger and DeHR’s governance and consensus layer:

CET’s DLT is creating a global workforce database. The workforce data is the same customer household needed for electricity connection.

CET’s DLT is creating the prime record for workforce data and other specialized ledgers will interconnect. The ledger enables data portability, privacy and scalability.

The DeHR governance function ensures ledger participation authenticity. In other words, to join the CET network companies must satisfy a locally defined criteria and only employees (or households) from those companies can belong to the network. Data integrity will be critical for microgrid membership in the future,

CET’s strategy is to provide a network and technology platform for the global workforce to connect to microgrids and receive cheap and reliable electricity based on Space Based Solar Power.

Creating the infrastructure for rooftop solar voltaic panels is a transition step to receive electricity from a new source, when available. That is, electricity directly beamed to rectennas instead of via the main grid transmission wires.

In a nutshell, the future of renewable energy is Space Based Solar Power and CET wished to create the global network.

Diagram from the Solar Space Technologies SST website

The Promise of Cheap Electricity

As fossil fuel is replaced by SSP the wholesale price of electricity will fall. As the transmission infrastructure of wires and towers are replaced by wireless transmission the delivery price will fall. But will the retail price of electricity fall? The profit margin will become very attractive. See a recent article suggesting electricity costs should be a component of employee remuneration.

If the DLT employee data host is also the microgrid network host, using the same Holochain DLT software, the notion of sharing electricity with employees is entirely feasible.

Unless the global workforce connect to a community microgrid network, and take advantage of the cheap electricity from SSP sources, the electricity trading industry will.

For more information see the Electricity SSP Use Case.


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