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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
Vac Group Employees Pty Ltd MSP.4623
Vale Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4624
Valmar Support Services Limited MSP.4625
Valmont Group Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.4626
Valspar Paint Services Pty Ltd MSP.4627
Valvoline (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.4628
Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd MSP.4629
Vantage Hotel Group Pty. Ltd. MSP.4630
Vasey RSL Care Limited MSP.4631
Vasse Felix Pty Ltd MSP.4632
Vawdrey Manufacturing Pty Ltd MSP.4633
Vegas Enterprises Pty Ltd MSP.4634
Ventia Pty Limited MSP.4635
Ventura Motors Pty Ltd MSP.4636
Venture DMG Pty Ltd MSP.4637
VenuesLive Management Services Pty Ltd MSP.4638
Veolia Energy Technical Services Pty Ltd MSP.4639
Veolia Environmental Services (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.4640
Veolia Water Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.4641
Verifact Pty Ltd MSP.4642
Verifone Australia (HAPL) Pty Ltd MSP.4643
Verint Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.4644
Veris Limited MSP.4645
Verizon Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4646
Verrocchi Marcello MSP.4647
Vertiv (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.4648
Verto Limited MSP.4649
Vestas – Australian Wind Technology Pty Ltd MSP.4650
Vesture Admin Pty Ltd MSP.4651
Viatek Services Pty Ltd MSP.4652
Viator Systems Pty Limited MSP.4653
Vicinity Property Management Trust MSP.4654
VICSEG New Futures MSP.4655
VicSuper Pty Ltd MSP.4656
Victoria Amateur Turf Club (incorporating) the Melbourne Racing MSP.4657
Victoria Racing Club Limited MSP.4658
Victoria Teachers Limited MSP.4659
Victoria University MSP.4660
Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency Co Op Ltd MSP.4661
Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce MSP.4662
Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry MSP.4663
Victorian Cytology Service Ltd MSP.4664
Victorian Deaf Society MSP.4665
Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc MSP.4666
Victorian Surfacing Alliance Pty Ltd MSP.4667
Villa Maria Catholic Homes Limited MSP.4668
Villa World Developments Pty Ltd MSP.4669
Village Roadshow Limited MSP.4670
Village Roadshow Theme Parks Pty Ltd MSP.4671
Villeroy & Boch Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4672
VincentCare Victoria MSP.4673
Vinidex Pty Ltd MSP.4674
Vinta Investment Management Pty Ltd MSP.4675
Vipac Engineers and Scientists Limited MSP.4676
Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.4677
Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd MSP.4678
Virtus Health Limited MSP.4679
VisAbility Limited MSP.4680
Vision Australia Limited MSP.4681
Vision Eye Institute Limited MSP.4682
Vision Super Pty Ltd MSP.4683
Visy Industries Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4684
Vita People Pty Ltd MSP.4685
Vitalish Pty Ltd MSP.4686
Viva Energy Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4687
Vivir Healthcare Pty Ltd MSP.4688
Vix Technology (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.4689
VLI Pty Ltd MSP.4690
VMware Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4691
Vocus Pty Ltd MSP.4692
Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4693
Volgren Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4694
Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4695
Volvo Group Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4696
Vos Enterprises Pty Ltd MSP.4697
VSL Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4698