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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
O.E. & D.R. Pope Pty Ltd MSP.3002
O2 Group Services Pty Ltd MSP.3003
OAC Group Pty Ltd MSP.3004
Oak Tasmania MSP.3005
Oakey Beef Exports Pty Ltd MSP.3006
Oakhill College MSP.3007
Oakmoore Pty Ltd MSP.3008
Oaks Hotels & Resorts Limited MSP.3009
Oberix Group Pty Ltd MSP.3010
Object Consulting Pty Ltd MSP.3011
Objective Corporation Limited MSP.3012
O’Brien Glass Industries Limited MSP.3013
OC Connections Inc. MSP.3014
Oceaneering Australia Pty. Limited MSP.3015
OCS Services Pty Ltd MSP.3016
OCTEC Limited MSP.3017
Odyssey House Victoria MSP.3018
OfficeMax Australia Limited MSP.3019
Officeworks Ltd MSP.3020
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Pty Limited MSP.3021
Oji Oceania Management (Aus) Pty Ltd MSP.3022
Olex Australia Pty Limited MSP.3023
Oliver Hume Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.3024
Olympus Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3025
OM (Manganese) Ltd MSP.3026
Omni-Care Pty Ltd MSP.3027
Omya Australia Pty Limited MSP.3028
On The Line Australia Limited MSP.3029
One Hood Sweeney Pty Ltd MSP.3030
OneCare Limited MSP.3031
Online Education Services Pty Ltd MSP.3032
Online Ventures Pty Ltd MSP.3033
Onsite Rental Group Operations Pty Ltd MSP.3034
oOh!media Operations Pty Limited MSP.3035
Open Minds Australia MSP.3036
Open Text Pty Ltd MSP.3037
Open Universities Australia MSP.3038
Opera Australia MSP.3039
Opteon (Victoria) Pty Ltd MSP.3040
Optiver Pty. Limited MSP.3041
Optus Administration Pty Ltd MSP.3042
Opus Group Limited MSP.3043
Opus International Consultants (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.3044
Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3045
Orana Incorporated MSP.3046
Orange Business Services Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3047
Orange Ex-Services’ Club Ltd MSP.3048
ORC International Pty Ltd MSP.3049
Ord Minnett Holdings Pty Limited MSP.3050
Orica Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3051
Oriental Merchant Pty Ltd MSP.3052
Origin Energy Eraring Services Pty Limited MSP.3053
Origin Energy Limited MSP.3054
Orion Laboratories Pty Ltd MSP.3055
ORIX Australia Corporation Limited MSP.3056
Ormiston College Limited MSP.3057
Orontide Group Limited MSP.3058
Orora Limited MSP.3059
OrotonGroup Limited MSP.3060
Oscar Oscar Group Services Pty Ltd MSP.3061
OSD Pty Ltd MSP.3062
OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited MSP.3063
Osmoflo Water Management Pty Ltd MSP.3064
Ostojic Group Pty Ltd MSP.3065
Ostwald Bros Pty Ltd MSP.3066
Otis Elevator Company Pty Ltd MSP.3067
OTTTO Holdings (Aust.) Pty Limited MSP.3068
Our Lady Of Consolation Aged Care Services Limited MSP.3069
Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta MSP.3070
Our Lady Of Sion College Ltd MSP.3071
Outcare Inc MSP.3072
Outotec Pty Ltd MSP.3073
Overnewton Anglican Community College Limited MSP.3074
Ovolo Woolloomooloo Wharf Pty Limited MSP.3075
Oxfam Australia MSP.3076
Oxfam Australia Trading MSP.3077
Oxford Falls Grammar School Limited MSP.3078
Oxley Home Care Pty Ltd MSP.3079
OZ Minerals Limited MSP.3080
OzCar Pty Ltd MSP.3081
Ozcare MSP.3082
OzForex Group Limited MSP.3083
Ozmosis Pty Ltd MSP.3084
Ozsale Pty Ltd MSP.3085