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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
A B Oxford Managers Proprietary Limited MSP.7
A B Paterson College Limited MSP.8
A E Atherton & Sons Pty Ltd MSP.9
A G Coombs Pty Ltd MSP.10
A J Bush & Sons Pty Ltd MSP.11
A R Britten-Jones & Others MSP.12
A&L Windows Pty Ltd MSP.13
A. Menarini Australia Pty Limited MSP.14
A. Noble & Son Limited MSP.15
A. Raptis & Sons Pty. Ltd. MSP.16
A.A. Gaskets Proprietary Limited MSP.17
A.F. Gason Proprietary Limited MSP.18
A.H. Beard Pty Ltd MSP.19
A.J. Baker & Sons Pty Ltd MSP.20
A.M.A. Services (W.A.) Pty Ltd MSP.21
A.Noble & Son Limited MSP.15
A.P. Eagers Limited MSP.22
AA Company Pty Ltd MSP.23
AAM Pty Ltd MSP.24
AAPC Limited MSP.25
Abacus Group Holdings Limited MSP.26
Abacus Twin Waters Resort Pty Limited MSP.27
ABB Australia Pty Ltd MSP.28
ABB Enterprise Software Pty Ltd MSP.29
Abbotsleigh School MSP.30
Abbott Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.31
AbbVie Pty Ltd MSP.32
ABC Tissue Products Pty Ltd MSP.33
ABCorp Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.34
Ability Options MSP.35
Able Australia Services MSP.36
ABN Management Services Pty Ltd MSP.37
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Qld) Limited MSP.38
Aboriginal Employment Strategy Limited MSP.39
Aboriginal Family Support Services Inc MSP.40
Aboriginal Legal ServicesNSW/ACT Limited MSP.41
Academy Services Pty Ltd MSP.42
Accenture Australia Pty Ltd MSP.43
Access Australia Group Limited MSP.44
Access Community Services Ltd MSP.45
Access Corporate Services Pty Ltd MSP.46
Access Health And Community MSP.47
Access Industries for the Disabled Ltd MSP.48
Access Innovation Media Pty Limited MSP.49
Accident & Health International Underwriting Pty Ltd MSP.50
Acciona Energy Australia Global Pty Ltd MSP.51
Acciona Infrastructure Australia Pty Ltd MSP.52
ACCO Brands Australia Pty Limited MSP.53
Accolade Wines Australia Limited MSP.54
AccommodationNetwork Pty Ltd MSP.55
ACE Contractors Group Pty Ltd MSP.56
Acer Computer Australia Pty Ltd MSP.57
Achieve Australia Limited MSP.58
ACI Operations Pty Ltd MSP.59
ACM Parts Pty Ltd MSP.60
ACO Pty Ltd MSP.61
ACON Health Limited MSP.62
Acor Consultants Pty Ltd MSP.64
Acrow Formwork and Scaffolding Pty Ltd MSP.65
ACT For Kids MSP.66
ACTE Pty Ltd MSP.67
Action Workforce Pty Limited MSP.68
Activ Foundation Inc MSP.69
ActivateUTS Ltd MSP.70
Active Hearing Pty Ltd MSP.71
Actron Engineering Pty Ltd MSP.72
Adairs Retail Group Pty Ltd MSP.73
Adapt-a-Lift Group Pty Ltd MSP.74
Adcorp Australia Limited MSP.75
Adecco Australia Pty Ltd MSP.76
Adelaide Airport Management Limited MSP.77
Adelaide Brighton Limited MSP.78
Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance Incorporated MSP.79
Adelaide Football Club MSP.80
Adelaide Oval SMA Limited MSP.81
Adelaide Training & Employment Centre Inc MSP.82
Adelene Retirement Village MSP.83
ADG Engineers (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.84
Adidas Australia Pty Limited MSP.85
Admiral Holdings Australia Pty Ltd MSP.86
Adobe Systems Pty Ltd MSP.87
ADP Prosperity Advisers Tax Consulting Pty Ltd MSP.88
Adrad Pty Ltd MSP.89
Adroit Insurance Group Pty Ltd MSP.90
Adshel Street Furniture Pty Limited MSP.91
Advanced Foundation Solutions Pty Ltd MSP.92
Advanta Seeds Pty Ltd MSP.93
Advantage Pharmacy Pty Ltd MSP.94
Adventist HealthCare Limited MSP.95
AE Smith & Son Proprietary Limited MSP.96
AECOM Australia Pty Ltd MSP.97
AEG Ogden (Brisbane Stadium Management) Pty. Ltd. MSP.99
AEG Ogden (Brisbane) Pty Ltd MSP.100
AEG Ogden (Cairns) Pty Ltd MSP.101
AEG Ogden (Convex) Pty Ltd MSP.102
AEG Ogden (Darwin) Pty Ltd MSP.103
AEG Ogden (Newcastle) Pty Ltd MSP.104
AEG Ogden (Perth Arena) Pty Ltd MSP.105
AEG Ogden (Sydney Arena) Pty Ltd MSP.106
AEG Ogden Pty Ltd MSP.107
Aegis Aged Care Management Pty Ltd MSP.108
Aegis Services Australia Pty Ltd MSP.109
AEIOU Foundation MSP.110
Aeris Resources Limited MSP.111
Aero-Care Flight Support Pty Ltd MSP.112
Aeroten Pty Limited MSP.113
Affinity Education Group Limited MSP.114
AFL Sports Ready Limited MSP.116
AFN Solutions Pty Ltd MSP.117
Aftercare MSP.118
AFWM Pty Ltd MSP.119
AGC Industries Pty Ltd MSP.120
AGCO Australia Limited MSP.121
Aged Care & Housing Group Inc MSP.122
Aged Care Deloraine Inc MSP.123
Aged Care Group Unit Trust MSP.124
Aged Care Services Australia Group Pty Ltd MSP.125
Agfa HealthCare Australia Pty Ltd MSP.126
Agfa-Gevaert Limited MSP.127
Aggreko Generator Rentals Pty Ltd MSP.128
Agilent Technologies Australia Pty Ltd MSP.129
Agility Logistics Pty Ltd MSP.130
AGL Energy MSP.131
AHL Investments Pty Ltd MSP.132
Ahrens Group Pty Ltd MSP.133
AIA Australia Limited MSP.134
Aidacare Pty Ltd MSP.135
AIG Australia Limited MSP.136
Aimia Proprietary Loyalty Australia Pty Ltd MSP.137
Ainslie Football and Social Club Limited MSP.138
Ainsworth Game Technology Limited MSP.139
AioiNissay Dowa Insurance Company Australia Pty Ltd MSP.140
Air Liquide Australia Limited MSP.141
Air Liquide Healthcare Pty. Ltd. MSP.142
Air Radiators Pty Ltd MSP.144
Air Refuel Pty Ltd MSP.145
Airbus Group Australia Pacific Limited MSP.146
AirFlite Pty Ltd MSP.147
Airline Cleaning Services Pty Ltd MSP.148
Airlite Management Services Pty Ltd MSP.149
Airmaster Australia Pty Ltd as The Trustee For Airmaster Australia Unit Trust MSP.150
Airport Retail Enterprises Pty Ltd MSP.151
AirRoad Pty Limited MSP.152
Airways New Zealand MSP.143
Aitken College MSP.153
AJ Lucas Group Limited MSP.154
AJF Partnership Pty Ltd MSP.155
Akubra Hats Pty Ltd MSP.156
AkzoNobel Coatings (Holdings) Pty Ltd MSP.157
ALARA QLD Limited MSP.158
Albert Smith & Son Unit Trust MSP.159
Albury Sailors Soldiers & Airmen’s Club Ltd MSP.160
Alcatel Lucent Australia Limited MSP.161
Alcoa of Australia Limited MSP.162
ALDI Stores (A Limited Partnership) MSP.163
Alex Fraser Pty Ltd MSP.164
Alexandria Imex Pty Ltd MSP.165
Al-Faisal College Limited MSP.166
Alice Car Centre Pty. Ltd. MSP.167
Aligned Leisure Pty Ltd MSP.168
Alinta Energy Limited MSP.169
Alkane Resources Ltd MSP.170
All Hallows’ School Limited MSP.171
All Saints Anglican School Limited MSP.172
All Saints’ College Bathurst Council MSP.173
All Saints College Inc MSP.174
All States Personnel Pty. Ltd. MSP.175
All Trades Queensland Pty Ltd MSP.176
Allambi Care Limited MSP.177
Allens MSP.178
Allergan Australia Pty Limited MSP.179
Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd MSP.180
Allianz Australia Services Pty Limited MSP.181
Allied Express Transport Pty. Limited MSP.182
Allied Health Australia Pty Ltd MSP.183
Allity Management Services Pty Ltd MSP.184
Almic Holdings Pty Limited MSP.186
Alpha Flight Services Pty Ltd MSP.187
Alphapharm Pty Ltd MSP.188
ALS Limited MSP.189
Alsco Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.190
Alseasons Hospitality Staff Pty Ltd MSP.191
Alstom Transport Australia Pty Limited MSP.192
Altius Group Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.193
Altomonte Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.194
Aluminium Specialties Group Pty. Ltd. MSP.195
AMA Group Limited MSP.196
Amadeus IT Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.197
Amana Living Incorporated MSP.198
amaysim Australia Ltd MSP.199
Ambition Group Limited MSP.201
AMC Consultants Pty Ltd MSP.202
Amcor Ltd MSP.203
Amdocs (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.204
AME Systems (Vic) Pty.Ltd MSP.205
Amec Foster Wheeler Australia Pty Ltd MSP.206
American Express Australia Limited MSP.208
Americold Logistics Limited MSP.209
Ameropa Australia Pty Ltd MSP.210
Amgen Australia Pty Limited MSP.211
Amity College Australia Limited MSP.212
AMP Capital Investors Limited MSP.213
AMP Limited MSP.214
Ampcontrol Pty Ltd MSP.215
Amway Of Australia MSP.216
Anabelle Bits Pty Ltd MSP.217
ANCA Pty Ltd MSP.218
Anchor Foods Pty Ltd MSP.219
Andmar Retail Pty Ltd MSP.220
Anglican Aged Care Services Group MSP.221
Anglican Care MSP.222
Anglican Community Care Incorporated MSP.223
Anglican Community Services MSP.224
Anglican Schools Corporation MSP.225
Anglican Youth and Education Diocese of Sydney MSP.226
Anglicare Central Queensland Limited MSP.227
Anglicare SA Ltd MSP.229
Anglicare Tasmania Incorporated MSP.230
Anglicare Victoria MSP.231
Anglicare WA MSP.232
AnglicareNSW SouthNSW West And ACT MSP.228
Anglo American Metallurgical Coal Pty Ltd MSP.233
AngloGold Ashanti Australia Limited MSP.234
Angove’s Pty Ltd MSP.235
AngusKnight Pty Limited MSP.236
Anne Street Partners Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.237
Annecto Incorporated MSP.238
Ansaldo STS Australia Pty Ltd MSP.239
Ansell Limited MSP.240
Anti-Cancer Foundation Of South Australia MSP.241
Antonine College MSP.242
ANU Enterprise Pty Limited MSP.243
ANZPAC Services (Australia) Pty. Limited MSP.244
Aon Services Pty Ltd MSP.245
APC Group Pty Ltd MSP.246
Apex Tool Group Pty Ltd MSP.247
APFG Management Pty Ltd MSP.248
APH Contractors Pty Ltd ATFT APH Trust MSP.249
Apiam Animal Health Limited MSP.250
APN Outdoor (Trading) Pty Ltd MSP.252
APNNewspapers Pty Ltd MSP.251
Apotex Pty Ltd MSP.253
Apple Pty Ltd MSP.254
Applied Industrial Technologies Pty Ltd MSP.255
Applus RTD Pty Ltd MSP.256
Apprentices Trainees Employment Limited MSP.257
Apprenticeships Queensland Limited MSP.258
APT Management Services Pty Ltd MSP.259
Apunipima Cape York Health Council Limited MSP.260
AQA Victoria Limited MSP.261
Aqseptence Group Pty Ltd MSP.262
Aqua Terra Oil And Mineral Service And Supply Company Pty. Ltd. MSP.263
Aquatec Maxcon Group Ltd MSP.264
Aquenta Consulting Pty Ltd MSP.265
Aquinas College MSP.266
ARA Group Pty Ltd MSP.267
Arab Bank Australia Limited MSP.268
Arana Leagues Club Limited MSP.269
Ararat Abattoirs Pty Ltd MSP.270
ARB Corporation Limited MSP.271
ARC Disability Services Inc MSP.273
ARC Support Services Ltd MSP.274
ARC@UNSW Limited MSP.272
Arcadis Australia Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.275
Architectural Window Systems Pty Ltd MSP.276
Ardent Leisure Limited MSP.277
Arinex Pty Ltd MSP.278
Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Limited MSP.279
Arlec Australia Pty Ltd MSP.280
Armadale Congregational Church Inc MSP.281
Armenian Rest Home Association MSP.282
Armfleat Pty Ltd MSP.283
Armitage Family Trust MSP.284
Armstrong Flooring Pty Ltd MSP.287
Arnold Bloch Leibler MSP.288
Arnott’s Biscuits Limited MSP.289
Aroona P&T Pty Ltd MSP.290
ARRB Group Limited MSP.291
Arrium Limited (Administrator Appointed) MSP.292
Arrow ECS Australia Pty Limited MSP.293
Arrow Energy Pty Ltd MSP.294
Arrowcrest Group Pty Ltd MSP.295
Artcraft Proprietary Limited MSP.296
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co (AUS) Limited MSP.297
Arup Pty Limited MSP.298
Aryzta Australia Pty Ltd MSP.299
Asaleo Care Australia Pty Ltd MSP.300
ASAP Recruitment Pty Ltd MSP.301
ASC Pty Ltd MSP.302
Ascender Pay Pty Ltd MSP.303
Ascents Hotel Pty Ltd MSP.304
Ascham School Ltd MSP.306
Ascott International Management (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.307
ASG Group MSP.308
Ash Pty Ltd MSP.309
Ashfield Baptist Homes Ltd MSP.310
Ashurst Australia MSP.311
Asian Pacific Building Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.312
ASP Ship Management Pty Ltd MSP.313
Aspen Medical Pty Ltd MSP.314
Aspen Pharma Pty Ltd MSP.316
Aspic Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.317
ASSA ABLOY Australia Pty Limited MSP.318
Assetlink Services Pty Limited MSP.319
Assisi Centre Aged Care MSP.320
Associated Kiln Driers Pty Limited MSP.321
Assumption College Kilmore MSP.322
AssureMe Pty Ltd MSP.323
AstraZeneca Pty Ltd MSP.324
ASX Limited MSP.325
AT Kearney Australia Pty Ltd MSP.326
AT&T GlobalNetwork Services Australia Pty Ltd MSP.327
ATCO Australia Services Pty Ltd MSP.328
ATCO Structures & Logistics Pty Ltd MSP.329
ATF Services Pty Ltd MSP.330
Atlas Copco South Pacific Holdings Pty Limited MSP.331
Atlas Iron Limited MSP.332
Atlassian Pty Ltd MSP.333
ATOS (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.334
Attribute Consulting PTY LTD MSP.335
Attune Hearing Pty Ltd MSP.336
AtWork Australia Pty Ltd MSP.337
AUB Group Limited MSP.338
Audi Australia Pty Ltd MSP.339
Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.340
Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.341
Aurizon Holdings Limited MSP.342
Aurrum Pty Limited MSP.343
AUS Holdco Pty Limited MSP.344
Auscott Limited MSP.345
Auscript Australasia Pty Limited MSP.346
Ausdrill Limited MSP.347
Ausenco Services Pty Ltd MSP.348
AusNet Electricity Services Pty Ltd MSP.349
Ausreo Pty Limited MSP.350
Austal Limited MSP.352
Austin Engineering Limited MSP.353
Austral Comnia Pty Ltd MSP.354
Australasian Food Group Pty Ltd MSP.355
Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd MSP.356
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited MSP.357
Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Limited MSP.358
Australia Wattle Development Pty Ltd MSP.359
Australian Aluminium Finishing Pty Limited MSP.360
Australian andNew Zealand College of Anaesthetists MSP.361
Australian Associated Press Pty Limited MSP.362
Australian Automotive Group Pty Limited MSP.363
Australian Bakels (Pty) Ltd MSP.364
Australian Bottle Manufacturers Pty Ltd MSP.365
Australian Capital Equity Pty Ltd MSP.366
Australian Catholic University MSP.367
Australian Central Credit Union Ltd MSP.368
Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications Pty Ltd MSP.369
Australian College Of Optometry MSP.370
Australian Comfort Group Pty Ltd MSP.371
Australian Communication Exchange Limited MSP.372
Australian Community Support Organisation Ltd MSP.373
Australian Concert And Entertainment Security Pty Ltd MSP.374
Australian Consumers Association MSP.375
Australian Country Spinners Pty Ltd MSP.376
Australian Defence Apparel Pty Ltd MSP.377
Australian Education Union New South Wales Teachers Federation Branch MSP.378
Australian Energy Market Operator Limited MSP.379
Australian Finance Group Ltd MSP.380
Australian Flying Corps & Royal Australian Air Force ASSN (WA Div) Inc MSP.381
Australian Football League MSP.382
Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD) MSP.383
Australian Glass Group (Holdings) Pty Ltd MSP.384
Australian Institute of Business Pty Ltd MSP.386
Australian Institute of Company Directors MSP.388
Australian Islamic College Perth Inc MSP.389
Australian Lamb Colac Labour Hire Pty Ltd MSP.390
Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group Pty Limited MSP.391
Australian Marshalling Services Pty Ltd MSP.392
Australian Military Bank Ltd MSP.393
Australian National University MSP.394
Australian News Channel Pty Ltd MSP.395
Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch) MSP.396
Australian Nursing Home Foundation Limited MSP.397
Australian Pacific Touring Pty Ltd MSP.398
Australian Pharmaceutical Industries MSP.399
Australian Portable Camps Services Pty Ltd MSP.400
Australian Power Partners B V & Others MSP.401
Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited MSP.402
Australian Receivables Ltd MSP.403
Australian Red Cross Society MSP.404
Australian Regional And Remote Community Services Pty Ltd MSP.405
Australian Scholarships Group Friendly Society Limited MSP.406
Australian Steel Mill Services Pty MSP.407
Australian Textile Mills Pty Ltd MSP.408
Australian Trade College North Brisbane Ltd MSP.409
Australian Training Company Limited MSP.410
Australian Truck & 4WD Rentals Pty Ltd MSP.411
Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers MSP.413
Australian Turf Club Limited MSP.414
Australian United Retailers Limited MSP.415
Australian Unity Care Services Pty Ltd MSP.416
Australian Unity Group Services Pty Ltd MSP.417
Australian Vintage Limited MSP.418
Australian Way Pty Ltd MSP.419
Australian Wildlife Conservancy MSP.420
Australian Wine Selectors Pty Ltd MSP.421
Australian Wool Testing Authority Limited MSP.422
Australian Workers Union MSP.423
Australian-Croatian Cardinal Stepinac Association Limited MSP.424
AustralianSuper Pty Ltd MSP.425
Auswide Bank Ltd MSP.426
Autism Association of South Australia MSP.427
Autism Association of Western Australia (Inc) MSP.428
Autism Queensland Limited MSP.429
Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) MSP.430
Auto-IT Australia Pty Ltd MSP.431
Automatic Data Processing Limited MSP.432
Automotive Food Metals Engineering Printing & Kindred Industries Union MSP.433
Automotive Group Training (NSW) MSP.434
Automotive Holdings Group Limited MSP.435
Autumn Lodge MSP.436
Avanade Australia Pty Limited MSP.437
Avant Insurance Limited MSP.438
Avaya Australia Pty Ltd MSP.439
Avendano Claudio MSP.440
Aveo Group Limited MSP.441
Avery Dennison Materials Pty Ltd MSP.442
Aviall Australia Pty Limited MSP.443
Aviation Industry Resources Pty Ltd MSP.444
Avila College MSP.445
Avivo: Live Life Inc. MSP.446
AVJennings Holdings Limited MSP.447
Avondale College Limited MSP.448
AW Edwards Pty Ltd MSP.449
AWH Pty Ltd MSP.450
AWP Australia Pty Ltd MSP.451
AWX Pty Ltd MSP.452
Axalta Coating Systems Australia Pty Ltd MSP.453
Axial Group Pty Ltd MSP.454
Axicom Administration Pty Ltd MSP.455
Axieo Operations (Australia) Pty Limited MSP.456