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Pre-Approved Australian Companies

Pre-Approved Australian Companies, showing MSP ID (Management Serives Provider),with a record set up in the CET HR blockchain, ready to upload their employees' private data.

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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
W M Ritchie (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.4699
W R Bright & Sons (Fairfield) Pty Ltd MSP.4700
W W Wedderburn Pty Limited MSP.4701
W.F. Montague Pty. Limited MSP.4702
W.F. Montague Pty. Limited MSP.4703
WA Plantation Resources Pty Ltd MSP.4704
Waco Kwikform Limited MSP.4705
Wagner Group Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.4706
Wagstaff Piling Pty Ltd MSP.4707
Wales House Hotel Limited MSP.4708
Walford Anglican School for Girls Inc MSP.4709
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics AS MSP.4710
Wallis Consulting Group Pty Ltd MSP.4711
Wallis Drilling Pty Ltd MSP.4712
Wallis Refrigeration & Service Administration Trust MSP.4713
Wanslea Early Learning And Development Inc MSP.4714
Wanslea Family Services Inc MSP.4715
Warburn Estate Pty Ltd MSP.4716
Warilla Bowls & Recreation Club Ltd MSP.4717
Warragul District Parent Controlled Christian School Association Incorporated MSP.4718
Warren & Brown & Staff Unit Trust MSP.4719
Warrigal Care MSP.4720
Warrina Homes Inc MSP.4721
Warrina Innisfail MSP.4722
Washington H. Soul Pattinson & Company Limited MSP.4723
Waterco Limited MSP.4724
Watermark Hotel Group Pty Ltd MSP.4725
Watpac Civil & Mining Pty Ltd MSP.4726
Watpac Construction Pty Ltd MSP.4727
Watpac Corporate Services Pty Ltd MSP.4728
Waverley Christian College Inc MSP.4729
Waverley College MSP.4730
WAYSS Ltd MSP.4731
WBHO Infrastructure Pty Ltd MSP.4732
Weatherford Australia Pty Limited MSP.4733
Weir Minerals Australia Ltd MSP.4734
Wellard Animal Processing Pty Ltd MSP.4735
Wellard Limited MSP.4736
Wellcom Group Limited MSP.4737
Wells Fargo International Finance (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.4738
Wellways Australia Limited MSP.4739
Wenona School Limited MSP.4740
Wentworthville Leagues Club Ltd MSP.4741
Wesfarmers Chemicals Energy & Fertilisers Limited MSP.4742
Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety Pty Ltd MSP.4743
Wesfarmers Kleenheat Gas Pty Ltd MSP.4744
Wesfarmers Limited MSP.4745
Wesfarmers Resources Limited MSP.4746
Wesfil Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4747
Wesley College - Western Australia MSP.4748
Wesley College Melbourne MSP.4749
Wesley Community Services Limited MSP.4750
Wesley Mission Queensland MSP.4751
Wespine Industries Pty Ltd MSP.4752
West Australian Symphony Orchestra Pty Ltd MSP.4753
West End Motor Group Pty Ltd MSP.4754
West Tamworth League Club Ltd MSP.4755
West UC Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4756
West Wing Aviation Pty Ltd MSP.4757
Westcare Incorporated MSP.4758
Westcon Group Pty Ltd MSP.4759
Western Areas Limited MSP.4760
Western Australian Meat Marketing Co-operative Limited MSP.4761
Western Australian Specialty Alloys Pty. Ltd. MSP.4762
Western District Employment Access Incorporated MSP.4763
Western Region Automotive Pty Limited MSP.4764
Western Suburbs (N'cle) Leagues Club Ltd MSP.4765
Western Suburbs League Club (Campbelltown) Pty Ltd MSP.4766
Western Suburbs Leagues Club Illawarra Ltd MSP.4767
Western Suburbs Leagues Club Ltd MSP.4768
Western Sydney University MSP.4769
Western Unlimited Ltd MSP.4770
Westfund Limited MSP.4771
Westfund Limited MSP.4772
Westgate Community Initiatives Group Incorporated MSP.4773
Westminster School Inc MSP.4774
Westpac Banking Corporation MSP.4775
Westpark Operations Pty Ltd MSP.4776
Westvic Staffing Solutions MSP.4777
WFM Motors Pty Ltd MSP.4778
WGASA Pty Ltd MSP.4779
WGEA Test Joey MSP.4780
WH Smith Australia Pty Limited MSP.4781
Whirlwind Print Pty Ltd MSP.4782
White Cloud Trading Pty Limited MSP.4783
Whitehaven Coal Limited MSP.4784
Whitehorse Community Health Service Limited MSP.4785
Whites Group Pty Ltd MSP.4786
Whitsunday Anglican School Limited MSP.4787
Whittens Pty Ltd MSP.4788
Whyalla Aged Care Inc MSP.4789
Wideline Pty Ltd MSP.4790
Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Pty Limited MSP.4791
Wild Desert Employment Co Pty Ltd MSP.4792
Wilderness School Limited MSP.4793
Wilhelmsen Ships Service Pty Ltd MSP.4794
William A. Cook Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4795
William Adams Pty Ltd MSP.4796
William Branwhite Clarke College MSP.4797
William Buck Services (NSW) Pty Limited MSP.4798
William Hill Australia Wagering Pty Limited MSP.4799
Willis Australia Group Services Pty Ltd MSP.4800
Willow Ware Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4801
Wilmar Sugar Pty Ltd MSP.4802
Wilson Parking Australia 1992 Pty Ltd MSP.4803
Wilson Transformer Company Pty Ltd MSP.4804
Wilsons Administration Services Pty Ltd MSP.4805
WIN Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.4806
Windana Drug & Alcohol Recovery Inc MSP.4807
Windgap Foundation Limited MSP.4808
Wingham Beef Exports Pty Ltd MSP.4809
Winifred West Schools Ltd MSP.4810
Winning Appliances Pty Ltd MSP.4811
Winslow Constructors Pty Ltd MSP.4812
Wintringham MSP.4813
Wipro Ltd MSP.4814
Wisdom Properties Group Pty Ltd MSP.4815
WISE Employment Limited MSP.4816
Wisely Group Pty Ltd MSP.4817
WiseTech Global Ltd MSP.4818
Woden Community Service Inc MSP.4819
Wolters Kluwer Australia Pty Limited MSP.4820
Wood & Grieve Engineers Limited MSP.4821
Wood Group Kenny Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4822
Wood Group PSN Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4823
Woodcroft College Inc MSP.4824
Woodleigh School MSP.4825
Woods Bagot Pty Ltd MSP.4826
Woodside Energy Ltd. MSP.4827
Woolcock Institute of Medical Research Limited MSP.4828
Woolworths Ltd MSP.4829
WorkFocus Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4830
WorkFocus Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4831
WorkPac Pty Ltd MSP.4832
WorkPac Pty Ltd MSP.4833
Workpower Inc MSP.4834
Workpower Inc MSP.4835
Workskil Australia Incorporated MSP.4836
Workskil Australia Incorporated MSP.4837
Workventures Limited MSP.4838
Workventures Limited MSP.4839
Workways Australia Limited MSP.4840
Workways Australia Limited MSP.4841
World Nomads Group Pty Limited MSP.4842
World Nomads Group Pty Limited MSP.4843
World Vision Of Australia MSP.4844
World Vision Of Australia MSP.4845
World Wide Fund For Nature Australia MSP.4846
WorldMark Pty Ltd MSP.4847
WorleyParsons Services Pty Limited MSP.4848
Wormald Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4849
Wotton And Kearney MSP.4850
WPC Group Ltd MSP.4851
WSP Asia Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.4853
WTH Pty Ltd MSP.4854
Wuchopperen Health Service Limited MSP.4855
Wurth Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4856
Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.4857


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