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Pre-Approved Australian Companies

Pre-Approved Australian Companies, showing MSP ID (Management Serives Provider),with a record set up in the CET HR blockchain, ready to upload their employees' private data.

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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
U@MQ Ltd MSP.4559
UCA - Parramatta Mission MSP.4561
UCA - Pymble Ladies College MSP.4562
UE & Multinet Pty Ltd MSP.4563
UFS Dispensaries Ltd MSP.4564
UGL Pty Limited MSP.4565
UGM Mining Solutions Pty Ltd MSP.4566
Ullrich Aluminium Pty Limited MSP.4567
Ultradata Australia Pty. Limited MSP.4568
Underground Services Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4569
Unico Computer Systems Pty. Ltd. MSP.4570
Unidrive Pty Ltd MSP.4571
Unified Healthcare Group Pty Ltd MSP.4572
Unilever Australia Limited MSP.4573
UniLodge Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4574
UniSuper Management Pty. Ltd. MSP.4575
Unisys Australia Pty Ltd MSP.4576
United Protestant Association of NSW Limited MSP.4577
United Super Pty Ltd MSP.4578
United Voice National Council MSP.4579
Uniting (NSW.ACT) MSP.4580
Uniting (Victoria And Tasmania) MSP.4581
Uniting Agewell Victoria MSP.4582
Uniting Care LifeAssist MSP.4583
Uniting Church Homes MSP.4584
Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) MSP.4585
Uniting Church In Australia Property Trust (Victoria) MSP.4586
Uniting Communities Incorporated MSP.4587
UnitingCare Community MSP.4588
UnitingCare Health MSP.4589
UnitingCare Queensland MSP.4590
UnitingCare ReGen MSP.4591
UnitingCare Wesley Country SA Inc MSP.4592
UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide Inc MSP.4593
UnitingCare West MSP.4594
Unity Bank Limited MSP.4595
Unity College Inc MSP.4596
Universal Biosensors Pty Ltd MSP.4597
Universal Music Australia Pty Limited MSP.4598
University Co-operative Bookshop Limited MSP.4599
University Of Canberra MSP.4600
University Of Melbourne MSP.4601
University Of Melbourne - Melbourne Theatre Company MSP.4602
University Of New South Wales Press Limited MSP.4603
University Of South Australia MSP.4604
University of Southern Queensland MSP.4605
University of Sydney MSP.4606
University of Tasmania MSP.4607
University Of Technology Sydney MSP.4608
University Of The Sunshine Coast MSP.4609
University Of Western Australia MSP.4610
University of Wollongong MSP.4611
UNSW Global Pty Limited MSP.4612
UOW Pulse Ltd MSP.4613
UPS Pty Ltd MSP.4615
Urban Maintenance Systems Pty Ltd MSP.4616
Urban Purveyor Group Pty Ltd MSP.4617
Urbis Pty Ltd MSP.4618
Ursula Frayne Catholic College MSP.4619
UTC Australia Commercial Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.4620
Utilities Management Pty Ltd MSP.4621
UWS Enterprises Pty Limited MSP.4622



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