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Pre-Approved Australian Companies

Pre-Approved Australian Companies, showing MSP ID (Management Serives Provider),with a record set up in the CET HR blockchain, ready to upload their employees' private data.

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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
P and J Cunningham Trust MSP.3086
P Turk P Domens J Myatt J Hick A Edwards D McCrostie P Angus D Turk P Riddell MSP.3087
P.A Carroll & D.B Farah & H.G Harrison & R.P Higgins & H. Indari & A. O’Dea & Peter Punch MSP.3088
Paccar Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3089
Pacific Hills Christian Education Limited MSP.3090
Pacific Hydro Investments Pty Ltd MSP.3091
Pacific National (NSW) Pty Ltd MSP.3092
Pacific Partnerships Pty Ltd MSP.3093
Pacific Services Group Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.3094
Pacific Smiles Group Limited MSP.3095
Packer Leather Pty Ltd MSP.3096
Packhorse Holdings Pty Limited MSP.3097
Pact Group Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.3098
Paddy Pallin Pty Ltd MSP.3099
Padua College Mornington MSP.3100
PageUp People Limited MSP.3101
Palcove Pty Ltd MSP.3102
Pall Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3103
Palladium International Pty Ltd MSP.3104
Palmerston Association Inc MSP.3105
Pamsim Pty. Ltd. MSP.3106
Pan Macmillan Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3107
Panalpina World Transport Pty Ltd MSP.3108
Panasonic Australia Pty Limited MSP.3109
Pandora Jewelry Pty Limited MSP.3110
Panthera Finance Pty Ltd MSP.3111
Paper Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3112
Papuan Oil Search Limited MSP.3113
Parade College Bundoora MSP.3114
Paraway Pastoral Company Limited MSP.3115
Pared Ltd MSP.3116
Pareto Phone Pty Ltd MSP.3117
Pareto Phone Pty Ltd MSP.3118
Pareto Phone Pty Ltd MSP.3119
Parker Hannifin (Australia) Pty. Limited MSP.3120
Parkside Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.3121
Parmalat Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3122
Parmalat Australia YD Pty Ltd MSP.3123
Parramatta Leagues' Club Limited MSP.3124
Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty Limited MSP.3125
Partners in Performance Services Pty Ltd MSP.3126
Paspaley Pearling Company Pty. Limited MSP.3127
Patersons Securities Limited MSP.3128
Path Transit Pty Ltd MSP.3129
Patterson Cheney Pty Limited MSP.3130
Patties Foods Ltd MSP.3131
Paul Hartmann Pty Ltd MSP.3132
Pax Australia Pty Limited MSP.3133
Paxus Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3134
PayPal Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3135
PBS Management Company Pty Ltd MSP.3136
PCASA Operations Pty Ltd MSP.3137
PDH Group Pty Ltd MSP.3138
Peabody Energy Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3139
Peak Gold Mines Pty Ltd MSP.3140
Peanut Company Of Australia Limited MSP.3141
Pearson Australia Group Pty Ltd MSP.3142
Pedare Christian College Inc MSP.3143
Peddle Thorp Group MSP.3144
Peel Valley Group Pty Ltd MSP.3145
Peerless Holdings Pty. Limited MSP.3146
Peet Limited MSP.3147
Pegasus Print Group Pty Limited MSP.3148
Pegasystems Pty Ltd MSP.3149
Pemara Pty Ltd MSP.3150
Pembroke School Inc MSP.3151
Penfold Motors Burwood Pty Ltd MSP.3152
Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3153
Peninsula Leisure Pty Ltd MSP.3154
Peninsula Village Limited MSP.3155
Penleigh And Essendon Grammar School MSP.3156
Penola Catholic College MSP.3157
Penrith City Automotive Pty Ltd MSP.3158
Penrith RSL Club Limited MSP.3159
Penrith Rugby League Club Ltd MSP.3160
Penske Power Systems Pty Ltd MSP.3161
Pentair Flow Technologies Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.3162
Pental Limited MSP.3163
Pentana Solutions Pty Ltd MSP.3164
Pentroth Pty. Ltd. MSP.3165
Peoplebank Australia Limited MSP.3166
Peoplecare Health Limited MSP.3167
PeoplePlus Enterprises Pty Ltd MSP.3168
Pepper Group Limited MSP.3169
Pepper Group Pty Ltd MSP.3170
Perfection Fresh Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3171
Perilya Broken Hill Limited MSP.3172
Perkins (WA) Pty Ltd MSP.3173
Pernod Ricard Winemakers Pty Ltd MSP.3174
Perpetual Limited MSP.3175
Perri Cutten Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3176
Perth Airport Pty Ltd MSP.3177
Perth Clinic Trust MSP.3178
Perth College Inc MSP.3179
Petbarn Pty Limited MSP.3180
Peter Cochrane Management Pty Ltd MSP.3181
Peter Warren Automotive Pty Ltd MSP.3182
Petuna Aquaculture Pty Ltd MSP.3183
PFD Food Services Pty Ltd MSP.3184
Pfizer (Perth) Pty Ltd MSP.3185
Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3186
Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3187
Pfizer PFE Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3188
Pfizer PFE Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3189
Pharm-a-care Laboratories Pty Limited MSP.3190
Pharmaceutical Society Of Australia Limited MSP.3191
Pharmacy Guild Of Australia (WA Branch) MSP.3192
Pharmacy Guild Of Australia Victorian Branch MSP.3193
Philip Morris Limited MSP.3194
Philips Electronics Australia Limited MSP.3195
Philips Lighting Australia Limited MSP.3196
Philmac Pty Ltd MSP.3197
Phosphate Resources Limited MSP.3198
PIC Management Service Pty Ltd MSP.3199
Pickles Auctions Pty Limited MSP.3200
Pinarc Disability Support Inc MSP.3201
Pinarc Disability Support Inc MSP.3202
Pindan Group Pty Ltd MSP.3203
Pine Rivers Redcliffe & Caboolture Group Training Scheme Inc MSP.3204
Pinnacle Bakery & Integrated Ingredients Pty Ltd MSP.3205
Pioneer Credit Solutions Pty Ltd MSP.3206
Pioneer House Living Limited MSP.3207
Pioneer Water Tanks Pty Ltd MSP.3208
Pitcher Partners Advisors Pty Ltd ATF The Pitcher Partners Service & Administration Trust MSP.3209
Pitt & Sherry (Operations) Pty Ltd MSP.3210
Pitt Capital Partners Limited MSP.3211
Pizzeys Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys Pty Ltd MSP.3212
PJL Group Pty Ltd MSP.3213
Placard Pty Ltd MSP.3215
Planet Innovation Pty Ltd MSP.3216
Planit Test Management Solutions Pty Ltd MSP.3217
Plasdene Glass-Pak Pty Limited MSP.3218
Playbill Pty Ltd MSP.3219
Plenary Services Pty Ltd MSP.3220
Plenty Valley Community Health Ltd MSP.3221
Plumbers Supplies Co-operative Limited MSP.3222
Plumbing & Painting Training Company Limited MSP.3223
Plumbing Electrical Electronic And Refrigeration Vocational Education Employment And Training Incorporated MSP.3224
PMG Management Pty Ltd MSP.3225
PMP Limited MSP.3226
Polaris Consulting And Services Pty Ltd MSP.3227
Police & Nurses Limited MSP.3228
Police Bank Ltd MSP.3229
Police Credit Union Limited MSP.3230
Police Financial Services Limited MSP.3231
Polytec Pty Ltd MSP.3232
Port Adelaide Football Club Limited MSP.3233
Port Of Brisbane Pty Ltd MSP.3234
Port Stephens Veterans and Citizens Aged Care Ltd MSP.3235
Port Waratah Coal Services Ltd MSP.3236
Portland Group Pty Ltd MSP.3237
Portside Christian College Inc MSP.3238
Position Partners Pty Ltd MSP.3239
Poulos Bros Seafoods Pty Ltd MSP.3240
Powell Industrial Pty Ltd MSP.3241
Powercor Australia Ltd MSP.3242
Powertech Pty Ltd MSP.3243
PPC Moulding Services Pty Limited MSP.3244
PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3245
PR Administration Pty Ltd MSP.3246
Precision Valve Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3247
Preformed Line Products (Australia) Pty Limited MSP.3248
Premier Fruits Group Pty Ltd MSP.3249
Premoso Pty Ltd MSP.3250
Prensa Pty Ltd MSP.3251
Presbyterian & Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) MSP.3252
Presbyterian Care Tasmania Incorporated MSP.3253
Presbyterian Ladies' College MSP.3254
Presbyterian Ladies College - Sydney MSP.3255
Presbyterian Ladies College Inc (Cottesloe) MSP.3256
Presbyterian Ladies College Inc (Cottesloe) MSP.3257
PresCare MSP.3258
Presence Of IT Pty Limited MSP.3259
President Private Hospital Pty Limited MSP.3260
Prestige Cars Pty Ltd MSP.3261
Prestige Motors (Northshore) Pty Limited MSP.3262
Preston Motors Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.3263
Primary Health Care Limited MSP.3264
Prime Television (Southern) Pty Limited MSP.3265
Prince Alfred College MSP.3266
Princes Laundry Services Pty Ltd MSP.3267
Principal Catholic Regional College Sydenham MSP.3268
Prixcar Services Pty Ltd MSP.3269
Probiotec Limited MSP.3270
Probuild Constructions (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.3271
Prochem Pipeline Products Pty Ltd MSP.3272
Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3273
Professional Advantage Pty Ltd MSP.3274
Professional Cleaning Services Pty Ltd MSP.3275
Professional Public Relations Pty Ltd MSP.3276
Progility Pty Ltd MSP.3277
Programmed Maintenance Services Limited MSP.3278
Progressive Trading Pty Ltd MSP.3279
Project Management Partners Pty Limited MSP.3280
Property Council Of Australia Limited MSP.3281
Property Exchange Australia Limited MSP.3282
Prosegur Australia Pty Limited MSP.3283
Protech Personnel Pty Ltd MSP.3284
Protiviti Pty Limited MSP.3285
Prouds Jewellers Pty Ltd MSP.3286
Provet Pty Ltd MSP.3287
Prudential Investment Company Of Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3288
Prysmian Australia Pty Limited MSP.3289
PS&C Ltd MSP.3290
PSEA Dept.Stores Pty Ltd MSP.3291
PSW Pty Ltd MSP.3292
PTH No 1 Pty Ltd MSP.3293
PTTEP Australia Perth Pty Ltd MSP.3294
Public Service Association And Professional Officers Association Amalgamated Union Of New South Wales MSP.3295
Publicis Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3296
Publicis Loyalty Pty Limited MSP.3297
Pulse Health Limited MSP.3298
Pulteney Grammar School Inc MSP.3299
Puma Energy (Australia) Services Pty Ltd MSP.3300
PWR Performance Products Pty Ltd MSP.3301
Pybar Mining Services Pty Ltd MSP.3302
PZ Cussons Australia Pty Ltd MSP.3303



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