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Pre-Approved Australian Companies

Pre-Approved Australian Companies, showing MSP ID (Management Serives Provider),with a record set up in the CET HR blockchain, ready to upload their employees' private data.

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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
M & C Saatchi Agency Pty Limited MSP.2501
M & I Samaras No 1 Pty Ltd & M & I Samaras No 2 Pty Ltd & M & I Samaras No 3 Pty Ltd MSP.2502
M G Kailis Pty. Ltd. MSP.2503
M&K Lawyers Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.2504
M.C Herd Proprietary Limited MSP.2505
MAACG Medical Group Pty Ltd MSP.2506
Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation MSP.2507
MACA Mining Pty Ltd MSP.2508
Macarthur Anglican School MSP.2509
Macarthur Disability Services Ltd MSP.2510
Macarthur Group Training Ltd MSP.2511
Mackay Christian Colleges Ltd MSP.2512
Mackay Consolidated Industries Pty Limited MSP.2513
Mackay Sugar Limited MSP.2514
Mackellar Care Services Ltd MSP.2515
MacKillop Catholic Regional College MSP.2516
Mackillop Family Services Limited MSP.2517
Maclean Valley Nursing Home Pty Ltd MSP.2518
Macleay Daily Hire Pty Ltd MSP.2519
Macmahon Holdings Limited MSP.2520
Macmillan Science And Education Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2521
Macquarie Community College MSP.2522
Macquarie Community College MSP.2523
Macquarie Group Limited MSP.2524
Macquarie Health Corporation Ltd MSP.2525
Macquarie Media Limited MSP.2526
Macquarie Telecom Pty Limited MSP.2527
Macquarie University MSP.2528
Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill Pty Ltd MSP.2529
Madad Pty Ltd MSP.2530
Maddocks MSP.2531
MADEC Australia MSP.2532
MAGA Pty Ltd MSP.2533
Mail Marketing Works Pty Ltd MSP.2534
Mainbrace Constructions Pty Ltd MSP.2535
MainstreamBPO Limited MSP.2536
Makita (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2537
Malek Fahd Islamic School Limited MSP.2538
Mallee Family Care Inc. MSP.2539
Malouf Pharmacies MSP.2540
Malyta Pty Ltd MSP.2541
Mambourin Enterprises Ltd MSP.2542
Mamre Association Inc MSP.2543
Manassen Foods Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2544
Mandurah Baptist College Inc MSP.2545
Manildra Flour Mills (Manufacturing) Pty Ltd MSP.2546
Manildra Meat Company Pty Ltd MSP.2547
Manildra Stockfeeds Manufacturing Pty Ltd & NSW Sugar Milling Co Op Ltd MSP.2548
Manly Cove Unit Trust MSP.2549
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles Limited MSP.2550
MannaCare Inc MSP.2551
Manpower Services (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2552
Mantra Hospitality Admin Pty Ltd MSP.2553
Maps Hotels and Resorts Sydney 1 Pty Ltd MSP.2554
Maptek Pty. Limited MSP.2555
Marand Precision Engineering Pty Ltd MSP.2556
Marand Precision Engineering Pty Ltd MSP.2557
Marathon Tyres Pty Limited MSP.2559
Marble Group Pty Limited MSP.2560
Marcellin Catholic College MSP.2561
Marco Polo Aged Care Services Limited MSP.2562
Mareeba Shire Job Training Association Inc. MSP.2563
Marillac MSP.2564
Marist Brothers St Gregory's College MSP.2565
Marist Brothers St Joseph's College MSP.2566
Marist College Canberra MSP.2567
Marist Sion Regional College MSP.2568
Marist Youth Care Limited MSP.2569
Mark Gandy Enterprises Pty Ltd MSP.2570
Maroba MSP.2571
Marriott Support Services MSP.2572
Mars Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2573
Marsh Pty Ltd MSP.2574
Martin Heritage Management Pty Ltd As Trustee For The Far East Martin Trust MSP.2575
Martin-Brower Australia Pty. Ltd. MSP.2576
Marubeni Australia Ltd MSP.2577
Marubeni Equipment Finance (Oceania) Pty Ltd MSP.2578
Marymede Catholic College MSP.2579
Masada College MSP.2580
Masonic Peace Memorial Haven Of Northern Tasmania Inc MSP.2581
Master Builders Association Of New South Wales Pty Ltd MSP.2582
Master Builders Association of SA Inc MSP.2583
Master Builders Association of Victoria MSP.2584
Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited MSP.2585
MasterCard Asia/Pacific (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2586
Mastermyne Group Limited MSP.2587
Masterton Homes Pty Ltd MSP.2588
Mater Christi College MSP.2589
Mater Health Services North Queensland Limited MSP.2590
Mater Hospitals Appeal Ltd MSP.2591
Mater Medical Research Institute Limited MSP.2592
Mater Misericordiae Ltd MSP.2593
Matrix Composites & Engineering Ltd MSP.2594
Matthew Flinders Anglican College Limited MSP.2595
Maurice Alexander Management Pty Ltd MSP.2596
Maurice Blackburn Pty Limited MSP.2597
Maven Dental Group Pty Ltd MSP.2598
MAX Solutions MSP.2599
MAXAM Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2600
Maxitrans Industries Limited MSP.2601
Mayne Pharma Group Limited MSP.2602
Mazda Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2603
Mazenod Regional College MSP.2604
MB Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2605
MBA Group Training Limited MSP.2606
MC Labour Services Pty Ltd MSP.2607
McArthur (VIC) Pty Ltd MSP.2608
McCabes Lawyers Pty Limited MSP.2609
McCain Foods (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.2610
McCann Worldgroup Pty Ltd MSP.2611
McCarroll's Of Moss Vale Pty Ltd MSP.2612
McColl's Transport Pty Ltd MSP.2613
McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.2614
McCormick Foods Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2615
McCosker Contracting Pty Ltd MSP.2616
McDonald's Australia Limited MSP.2617
Mcgrath Canberra Pty Ltd MSP.2618
McGrathNicol Services Pty Ltd MSP.2619
McHarry's Buslines Pty Ltd MSP.2620
McInnes Wilson Lawyers Pty Ltd MSP.2621
McKinsey Pacific Rim Inc MSP.2622
McKinsey Pacific Rim Inc MSP.2623
McLean Care Ltd MSP.2624
McMahon Services Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2625
McMaster Trading Trust MSP.2626
McMillan Shakespeare Limited MSP.2627
McMullen Nolan Group Pty Ltd MSP.2628
McPherson Newspapers Pty Ltd MSP.2629
McPherson's Housewares Pty Limited MSP.2630
McPherson's Limited MSP.2631
McWilliam's Wines Group Ltd MSP.2632
MDA Ltd MSP.2633
MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd MSP.2634
Meat & Livestock Australia Limited MSP.2635
Meatpak Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2636
Mecca Brands Pty Ltd MSP.2637
Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2639
Medibank Health Solutions Telehealth Pty Ltd MSP.2640
Medibank Private Limited MSP.2641
Medimobile Pty Ltd MSP.2642
Medinexus Pty Ltd MSP.2643
Mediserve Pty Ltd MSP.2644
Mediterranean Shipping Company (Aust) Pty Limited MSP.2645
Medline International Two Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2646
Medtronic Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.2647
Medvet Science Pty Ltd MSP.2648
Meercroft Care Inc MSP.2649
MEGT (Australia) Limited MSP.2650
Meinhardt Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2651
Melba Support Services Inc MSP.2652
Melbourne City Mission MSP.2653
Melbourne Cricket Club MSP.2654
Melbourne Football Club Limited MSP.2655
Melbourne Girls Grammar - An Anglican School MSP.2656
Melbourne Grammar School MSP.2657
Melbourne IT Ltd MSP.2658
Melbourne Pathology Pty Ltd MSP.2659
Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club Limited MSP.2660
Members Equity Bank Limited MSP.2661
Memjet North Ryde Pty Limited MSP.2662
Mental Health And Wellbeing Australia Limited MSP.2663
Mental Illness Fellowship Of South Australia Incorporated MSP.2664
Mentone Girls Grammar School MSP.2665
Mentone Grammar School MSP.2666
Menzies Aviation Holding Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2667
Menzies International (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. MSP.2668
Menzies School of Health Research MSP.2669
Mercedes - Benz Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2670
Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.2671
Mercer (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2672
Mercer Administration Services (Australia) Pty Limited MSP.2673
Merck Pty Ltd MSP.2674
Merck Serono Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2675
Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2676
Mercury Services Group Pty Ltd MSP.2677
Mercy Aged and Community Care Ltd MSP.2678
Mercy Community Services SEQ Limited MSP.2679
Mercy Connect Limited MSP.2680
Mercy Education Limited MSP.2681
Mercy Health And Aged Care Central Queensland Limited MSP.2682
MercyCare Limited MSP.2683
Meriden School MSP.2684
Meridian Lawyers Limited MSP.2685
Merimbula - Imlay Bowling Club Ltd MSP.2686
Meriton Property Services Pty Limited MSP.2687
Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems Australia Ltd MSP.2688
Merri Community Health Services Limited MSP.2689
Merrill Lynch (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2690
Merriwa Industries Limited MSP.2691
Merrylands RSL Club Ltd MSP.2692
Metal Manufactures Limited MSP.2693
Metals X Limited MSP.2694
Metalsa Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2695
Metcash Trading Limited MSP.2696
Methodist Ladies' College MSP.2697
Methodist Ladies' College Limited MSP.2698
Metlife Insurance Limited MSP.2699
Metro Property Development Pty Ltd MSP.2700
Metro Tasmania Pty Ltd MSP.2701
Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd MSP.2702
Metromix Pty Limited MSP.2703
Metropolitan Express Transport Services Pty Ltd MSP.2704
Metso Australia Limited MSP.2705
MG Logistics Pty Limited MSP.2706
MHE-Demag Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2707
MHG Plastic Industries (VIC) Pty Ltd MSP.2708
MHPS Plant Services Pty Ltd MSP.2709
Micah Projects Inc MSP.2710
MiCare Ltd MSP.2711
Michael Hill Jeweller (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2712
Michael Page International (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2713
Michelin Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2714
Micreo Limited MSP.2715
Micreo Limited MSP.2716
Microsoft Pty Ltd MSP.2717
Middendorp Brothers Unit Trust MSP.2718
Midfield Meat International Pty. Ltd. MSP.2719
Midwest Training Group Inc MSP.2720
Miele Australia Pty Limited MSP.2721
Migas Limited MSP.2722
MiLife-Victoria Inc MSP.2723
Millennium Minerals Limited MSP.2724
Millennium Services Group Ltd MSP.2725
Mills Oakley Lawyers MSP.2726
Millward Brown Pty Ltd MSP.2727
Milstern Health Care Pty Ltd MSP.2728
Mind Australia Limited MSP.2729
Minda Incorporated MSP.2730
Mine Wealth And Wellbeing Services Pty Ltd MSP.2731
Mineral Resources Limited MSP.2732
Mingara Recreation Club Ltd MSP.2733
Minglecliff (QLD) Pty Ltd & Other MSP.2734
MiniMovers Pty. Ltd. MSP.2735
Minit Australia Pty Limited MSP.2736
Mini-Tankers Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2737
Minor DKL Management Pty Ltd MSP.2738
Mintego Pty Limited MSP.2739
Minter Ellison MSP.2740
Minter Ellison SA/NT MSP.2741
Minteyville Lt Collins St Pty Ltd MSP.2742
Mirvac Projects Pty Ltd MSP.2743
Mission Australia MSP.2744
Mission Australia Early Learning Services Limited MSP.2745
Mission Providence Pty Ltd MSP.2746
Mitek Australia Limited MSP.2747
Mitsubishi Australia Limited MSP.2748
Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd MSP.2749
Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2750
Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited MSP.2751
Mitsui & Co (Australia) Limited MSP.2752
Mittagong RSL Club Ltd MSP.2753
Mizco Pty Ltd MSP.2754
Mizuho Bank Ltd MSP.2755
MJ Administration Unit Trust MSP.2756
MLC School MSP.2757
MMA Offshore Ltd MSP.2758
MMG Australia Limited MSP.2759
MNF Group Limited MSP.2760
Moama Bowling Club Limited MSP.2761
Mobile Rehab Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2762
Mode Design Corp. Pty Ltd MSP.2763
Modern Teaching Aids Pty Ltd MSP.2764
Moffat Pty Limited MSP.2765
Momentum Consulting Group Pty Ltd MSP.2766
Monadelphous Group Limited MSP.2767
Monash College Pty Ltd MSP.2768
Monash IVF Pty Ltd MSP.2769
Monash University MSP.2770
Monde Nissin (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2771
Mondelez Australia Pty Limited MSP.2772
Money3 Corporation Limited MSP.2773
Monivae College MSP.2774
Monroe Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2775
Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College Limited MSP.2776
Montrose Therapy & Respite Services MSP.2777
Moonee Valley Racing Club Inc MSP.2778
Moorilla Estate Pty Ltd MSP.2779
Moray & Agnew MSP.2780
Moreton Hire Pty Ltd MSP.2781
Morgan Stanley Australia Limited MSP.2782
Morgans Holdings (Australia) Limited MSP.2783
Moriah War Memorial College Association MSP.2784
Moriah War Memorial College Association MSP.2785
Morningstar Australasia Pty Limited MSP.2786
Morris Corporation (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. MSP.2787
Morris; McMahon & Co Pty Ltd MSP.2788
Mortgage Choice Limited MSP.2789
Mosaic Community Care Inc MSP.2790
Mossop Group Pty Ltd MSP.2791
Motor Industry Training Association Of Western Australia Inc MSP.2792
Motorama Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.2793
Mott MacDonald Australia Pty Limited MSP.2794
Mouchel International (Jersey) Limited MSP.2795
Mount Gibson Iron Limited MSP.2796
Mount Scopus Memorial College Limited MSP.2797
Mount St Benedict College MSP.2798
Mount St. Joseph Girls' College - Altona West MSP.2799
Mountain Designs Pty Ltd MSP.2800
MOWLA Pty Limited MSP.2801
Mozi Australia Pty Limited MSP.2802
MPC Group Pty Ltd MSP.2803
MRAEL Limited MSP.2804
MRC Global Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2805
Mrs Mac's Pty Limited MSP.2806
MRS Subzero Pty Ltd MSP.2807
MSS Security Pty Limited MSP.2808
Mt Pritchard & District Community Club Ltd MSP.2809
Mt St Michael's College Limited MSP.2810
Mt. St. Vincent Nursing Home And Therapy Centre Inc. MSP.2811
MTC Australia Limited MSP.2812
MTM Pty Ltd MSP.2813
MTQ Engine Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.2814
MUH Operations No. 2 Limited MSP.2815
Mulawa Management Pty Limited MSP.2816
Mulgrave Country Club MSP.2817
Multi Channel Network Pty Ltd MSP.2818
Multicap Limited MSP.2819
Multi-Colour Corporation Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2820
Multiple Sclerosis Limited MSP.2821
Multiple Sclerosis Society Of Queensland (MS Queensland) MSP.2822
Multiplex Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.2823
Multitask Human Resources Foundation Limited MSP.2824
Mulwala & District Services Club Limited MSP.2825
Mundipharma Pty Limited MSP.2826
Munich Holdings of Australasia Pty Limited MSP.2827
Murdoch Childrens Research Institute MSP.2828
Murdoch University MSP.2829
Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co Limited MSP.2830
Murray Irrigation Limited MSP.2831
Murray Mallee Training Company Limited MSP.2832
Murrays Australia Pty Limited MSP.2833
Murrin Murrin Operations Pty Ltd MSP.2834
Murrumbidgee Irrigation Limited MSP.2835
Mutual Cleaning & Maintenance Pty Ltd MSP.2836
Mutual Trust Pty Ltd MSP.2837
My Freight Career Pty Limited MSP.2838
My Place Foundation Inc MSP.2839
MyBudget Pty Ltd MSP.2840
Myer Pty Ltd MSP.2841
MyHouse (Aust) Pty Limited MSP.2842
Mylan Health Pty Ltd MSP.2843
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2844
MyState Limited MSP.2845


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