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Pre-Approved Australian Companies

Pre-Approved Australian Companies, showing MSP ID (Management Serives Provider),with a record set up in the CET HR blockchain, ready to upload their employees' private data.

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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
Ibis Care Holdings Pty Limited MSP.2018
IBL Limited MSP.2019
IBM Australia Ltd MSP.2020
ICare Health Pty Ltd MSP.2021
ICC Sydney Pty Ltd MSP.2022
Icon Distribution Investments Limited And Jemena (Act) Pty Ltd MSP.2023
ICON Restaurants Australia Pty Limited MSP.2024
ICS Industries Pty Ltd MSP.2025
Idealair Group Pty Ltd MSP.2026
Idemitsu Australia Resources Pty Ltd (IAR) MSP.2027
identitywa MSP.2028
IDEXX Laboratories Pty Limited MSP.2029
IDP Education Limited MSP.2030
IDT Australia Limited MSP.2031
IFM Investors Pty Ltd MSP.2032
IG Design Group Australia Pty Limited MSP.2033
IGT (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2034
IHG Hotels Management (Australia) Pty Limited MSP.2035
IJF Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2036
IKEA Pty Limited MSP.2037
Illawarra Catholic Club Ltd MSP.2038
Illawarra Retirement Trust MSP.2039
Iluka Resources Limited MSP.2040
IMB Limited MSP.2041
IMCD Australia Limited MSP.2042
Imdex Ltd MSP.2043
I-MED Radiology Network Limited MSP.2044
Immanuel College Inc MSP.2045
Immersive Technologies Pty Ltd MSP.2046
IMPACT Community Services Inc MSP.2047
Imperial Cinema Services Pty Ltd MSP.2048
Imperial Tobacco Australia Limited MSP.2049
Inabox Group Limited MSP.2050
Inaburra Communications Ltd MSP.2051
Incat Tasmania Pty Ltd MSP.2052
Inchcape Australia Limited MSP.2053
Inchcape Shipping Services Pty Ltd MSP.2054
Inchurch Automotive Pty Ltd MSP.2055
Incitec Pivot Limited MSP.2056
INCResearch Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2057
Independence Australia Group MSP.2058
Independence Group NL MSP.2059
Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers Pty Ltd MSP.2060
Independent Health Care Service Pty Ltd MSP.2061
Independent Property Group Sales Pty Ltd MSP.2062
Indue Ltd MSP.2063
Industrea Limited MSP.2064
Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention MSP.2065
Industry Education Networking Pty Ltd MSP.2066
Industry Fund Services Ltd MSP.2067
Infomedia Ltd MSP.2068
Infor Global Solutions (ANZ) Pty Limited MSP.2069
Informa Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2070
Information Resources (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2071
Infosys Technologies Limited MSP.2072
ING Bank (Australia) Limited MSP.2073
Ingenia Communities Holdings Limited MSP.2074
Inghams Enterprises Pty. Limited MSP.2075
Ingram Micro Pty Ltd MSP.2076
Ingredion ANZ Pty Ltd MSP.2077
Inguz Harvest Pty Ltd MSP.2078
Inner Northern Group Training Limited MSP.2079
Inner Western Workskills Inc MSP.2080
Innovia Films (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd MSP.2081
iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2082
INPEX Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2083
Insearch Ltd MSP.2084
Insight Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2085
Insitu Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.2086
Instant Access Australia Pty Limited MSP.2087
Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea MSP.2088
Insurance Australia Group Limited MSP.2089
Insurance House Pty Ltd MSP.2090
Integrated Clinical Oncology Network Pty Ltd MSP.2091
Integrated Packaging Group Pty Ltd MSP.2092
Integrated Premises Services Pty Ltd MSP.2093
Integrated Research Limited MSP.2094
Integrated Technology Services Pty Ltd MSP.2095
integratedliving Australia Limited MSP.2096
Integria Healthcare (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2097
Integricare MSP.2098
Intelife Group MSP.2099
Interact Australia (Victoria) Limited MSP.2100
Interaction Disability Services Ltd MSP.2101
Interactive Community Care Pty Ltd MSP.2102
Interactive Pty Limited MSP.2103
Intercast & Forge Pty Limited MSP.2104
Interchange Inc MSP.2105
InterContinental Hotels Group (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2106
Intereach Limited MSP.2107
Interface Aust Pty Limited MSP.2108
InterGen (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2109
Intergraph Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.2110
Intergraph Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.2111
Intergraph PP&M Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2112
InteriorCo Pty Limited MSP.2113
Interiorco VIC Pty Ltd MSP.2114
Interlink Roads Pty Ltd MSP.2115
Interlloy Pty Ltd MSP.2116
International Express Pty Ltd MSP.2117
International Flavours & Fragrances (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2118
International Grammar School MSP.2119
International Power (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2120
International SOS (Australasia) Pty Ltd MSP.2121
Internet Services Australia 1 Pty Limited MSP.2122
InterSystems Australia Pty Limited MSP.2123
Intertek Management Services (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2124
Intrax Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd MSP.2125
Intrepid Travel Pty Ltd MSP.2126
Inventiv Health Clinical Australia Pty Limited MSP.2127
Investa Office Management Pty Limited MSP.2128
Investec Australia Limited MSP.2129
Invetech Pty Ltd MSP.2130
InvoCare Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2131
IOOF Holdings Limited MSP.2132
IPAR Rehabilitation Pty Ltd MSP.2133
IPC Health Ltd MSP.2134
Iplex Pipelines Australia Pty Limited MSP.2135
IPM Operation & Maintenance Kwinana Pty Ltd MSP.2136
IPM Operation & Maintenance Loy Yang Pty Ltd MSP.2137
IPMG Digital Pty Ltd MSP.2138
IPN Medical Centres Pty Ltd MSP.2139
Ipsos Pty Limited MSP.2140
IRESS Limited MSP.2141
Iron Mountain Australia Group Pty Ltd MSP.2142
Irwinconsult Pty Ltd MSP.2143
iSelect Services Pty Ltd MSP.2144
Isentia Pty Limited MSP.2145
ISG Management Pty Ltd (ISGM) MSP.2146
Isis Central Sugar Mill Company Limited MSP.2147
Island Care (Tasmania) Limited MSP.2148
ISPT Pty Ltd MSP.2149
ISS Facility Services Australia Limited MSP.2150
Isuzu Ute Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2151
ITW Australia Pty Ltd MSP.2152
Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School MSP.2153
Ivanhoe Grammar School MSP.2154
IVE Employment (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.2155
Iveco Trucks Australia Ltd MSP.2156
Ixia Pty. Ltd. MSP.2157
Ixom Operations Pty Ltd MSP.2158



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