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Pre-Approved Australian Companies

Pre-Approved Australian Companies, showing MSP ID (Management Serives Provider),with a record set up in the CET HR blockchain, ready to upload their employees' private data.

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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
H & R Block Limited MSP.1823
H. W. Greenham & Sons Proprietary Limited MSP.1824
H.E.S.T. Australia Ltd MSP.1825
H.J. Heinz Company Australia Limited MSP.1826
Haeusler's Group Pty Ltd MSP.1827
Haeusler's Group Pty Ltd MSP.1828
Hafele Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1829
Haileybury MSP.1830
Halikos Hospitality Pty Ltd MSP.1831
Halikos Services Pty Ltd MSP.1832
Hall & Wilcox MSP.1833
Hall Contracting Pty Ltd MSP.1834
Halley & Mellowes Pty Ltd MSP.1835
Halliburton Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1836
Hallmark Cards Australia Limited MSP.1837
Halsata Pty Ltd MSP.1838
Hamburg Sud Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1839
Hames Sharley (WA) Pty Ltd MSP.1840
Hamilton Island Enterprises Limited MSP.1841
HammondCare MSP.1842
Hampton Transport Services Pty Ltd MSP.1843
Hancock Prospecting Pty Limited MSP.1844
Hanes Australasia Limited MSP.1845
Hanrob Pty Ltd MSP.1846
Hansen Technologies Limited MSP.1847
Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd MSP.1848
Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd MSP.1849
Harbison Memorial Retirement Village MSP.1850
Hardi Nursing Home Management Pty Ltd MSP.1851
Hardie Grant Pty Ltd MSP.1852
Hardware & General Supplies Limited MSP.1853
Hare & Forbes Pty Ltd MSP.1854
HarperCollins Publishers Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1855
Harris Farm Markets Pty Ltd MSP.1856
Harry The Hirer Pty Ltd MSP.1857
Hartleys Limited MSP.1858
Hartwigs Trucks Pty Ltd MSP.1859
Harvey Fresh (1994) Ltd MSP.1860
Harvey Industries Group Pty Ltd MSP.1861
Harvey Norman Discounts No 1 Trust MSP.1862
Hassad Australia Operations Company Pty Ltd MSP.1863
Hassell Services Pty Ltd atf Hassell Trust No 2 MSP.1864
Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited MSP.1865
Hatch Pty Ltd MSP.1866
Haulmark Trailers (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1867
Havas Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1868
Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.1869
Hawkesbury Living Pty Limited MSP.1870
Hawthorn Football Club Limited MSP.1871
Haynes Mechanical Pty Ltd MSP.1872
Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Pty Limited MSP.1873
Hazeldene's Chicken Farm Proprietary Limited MSP.1874
Hazell Bros Group Pty Ltd MSP.1875
HBF Health Limited MSP.1876
HCL Australia Services Pty Limited MSP.1877
HDR Pty Limited MSP.1878
headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation Ltd MSP.1879
Health Insurance Fund of Australia Limited MSP.1880
Health IQ Pty Ltd MSP.1881
Health Partners Limited MSP.1882
Health Technology Analysts Pty Ltd MSP.1883
Health Training Australia (Inc) MSP.1884
Health World Limited MSP.1885 Pty Ltd MSP.1886
Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1887
Healthdirect Australia Ltd MSP.1888
Healthe Care Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1889
Healthscope Limited MSP.1890
HealthStrong Pty. Ltd. MSP.1891
Healthways Australia MSP.1892
Healthy North Coast Pty Ltd MSP.1893
Heartland Motors Pty Limited MSP.1894
Heat And Control Pty. Ltd. MSP.1895
Heatcraft Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1896
Heathdale Christian College Limited MSP.1897
Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd MSP.1898
Heatley Sales Pty Ltd MSP.1899
Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Limited MSP.1900
Heights College Ltd MSP.1901
Helena College Council Inc MSP.1902
Hella Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1903
Helloworld Travel Services (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1904
Help Enterprises Limited MSP.1905
Helping Hand Aged Care Inc MSP.1906
Hender Mark Hamilton MSP.1907
HenderCare Foundation MSP.1908
Henkel Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1909
Henry Davis York MSP.1910
Henry Haymes Proprietary Limited MSP.1911
Herbert Smith Freehills MSP.1912
Heritage Bank Limited MSP.1913
Herron Todd White (Melbourne) Pty Ltd MSP.1914
Hertel Modern Pty Ltd MSP.1915
Hertz Australia Pty. Limited MSP.1916
Hervey Bay Boat Club Inc MSP.1917
Hewlett-Packard Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1918
Hexion Pty Ltd MSP.1919
Heyday5 Pty Limited MSP.1920
HGT Australia Limited MSP.1921
Hickory Group Pty Ltd MSP.1922
Hicksons MSP.1923
Highland Pine Products Pty Limited MSP.1924
Highway NN Pty Ltd MSP.1925
Hillbrook Anglican School Limited MSP.1926
Hillcrest Christian College Limited MSP.1927
Hillgrove Resources Limited MSP.1928
Hills Community Options Inc MSP.1929
Hills Limited MSP.1930
Hill's Pet Nutrition Pty Limited MSP.1931
Hillsong Church Ltd MSP.1932
Hilti (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. MSP.1933
Hilton Hotels Of Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1934
Hilton Manufacturing Pty Ltd MSP.1935
Hindmarsh Corporate Pty Ltd Atf The Hindmarsh Corporate Unit Trust MSP.1936
Hirotec Technologies Pty Limited MSP.1937
Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1938
Hitachi Data Systems Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1939
Hobsons Pty Limited MSP.1940
Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd MSP.1941
Hogg Robinson Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1942
Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1943
Holding Redlich Partnership MSP.1944
Holiday Coast Credit Union Ltd MSP.1945
Holman Webb Partnership MSP.1946
Holmes Nominees (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.1947
Holy Cross Laundry Ltd MSP.1948
Holy Family Services MSP.1949
Holy Spirit Care Services (Brisbane) Ltd MSP.1950
Home Pty Ltd MSP.1951
Homeloans Limited MSP.1952
Honan Insurance Group Pty Ltd MSP.1953
Honda Australia Motorcycle And Power Equipment Pty. Ltd. MSP.1954
Honda Australia Pty. Ltd. MSP.1955
Honeywell Limited MSP.1956
HopgoodGanim MSP.1957
Horizon Foundation Inc MSP.1958
Horizon Global Pty Ltd MSP.1959
Hornsby RSL Club Ltd MSP.1960
Hospira Adelaide Pty Ltd MSP.1961
Hospira Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1962
Hospitality Employment Pty Ltd MSP.1963
Hospitality Group Training (WA) Inc MSP.1964
Hospitality Training Network Limited MSP.1965
Host Plus Superannuation Fund MSP.1966
Hotel Grand Chancellor (Brisbane) Pty Limited MSP.1967
Hotel Grand Chancellor (Hobart) Pty Ltd MSP.1968
Hotel Grand Chancellor (Launceston) Pty Ltd MSP.1969
Hotel Grand Chancellor (Melbourne) Pty Ltd MSP.1970
Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide On Hindley MSP.1971
Hotel Realm Pty Ltd MSP.1972
Housing Industry Association Limited MSP.1973
Houston Unit Trust MSP.1974
Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics (Displays) Pty Limited MSP.1975
Howard Scott Family Trust MSP.1976
Howden Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1977
HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1978
HQPlantations Pty Ltd MSP.1979
HR Links Pty Ltd MSP.1980
HR Operations Pty Ltd MSP.1981
HRO Initiatives Pty Ltd MSP.1982
HSBC Bank Australia Limited MSP.1983
HSE Mining Pty Ltd MSP.1984
HT&E Limited MSP.1985
Huawei Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1986
Hudson Global Resources (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.1987
Huhtamaki Australia Pty Limited MSP.1988
Hume Bank Limited MSP.1989
Hume Doors & Timber (QLD) Pty Ltd MSP.1990
Hume Doors And Timber (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.1991
Hume Employment Service Limited MSP.1992
Hunt & Hunt Lawyers MSP.1993
Hunter Douglas Limited MSP.1994
Hunter H20 Holdings Pty Limited MSP.1995
Hunter Imaging Group Pty Ltd MSP.1996
Hunter Primary Care Ltd MSP.1997
Hunter Valley Gardens Pty Limited MSP.1998
Hunter Valley Grammar School MSP.1999
Hunter Valley Training Company Pty Ltd MSP.2000
Huntingtower School Association MSP.2001
Huntingtower School Association MSP.2002
Huntleigh Healthcare Pty. Ltd. MSP.2003
Huntsman Corporation Australia Pty Limited MSP.2004
Huon Aquaculture Company Pty Ltd MSP.2005
Huon Eldercare Inc. MSP.2006
Hurricane's Corporate Services Pty Ltd MSP.2007
Husqvarna Australia Pty Limited MSP.2008
Hutcheon & Pearce Operations Pty Ltd MSP.2009
Hutchins School Board Of Management MSP.2010
HVAC Queensland Pty Ltd MSP.2011
HWL Ebsworth Lawyers MSP.2012
HY Moe Meat Pty Ltd MSP.2013
Hyne & Son Pty Ltd MSP.2014
Hyne & Son Pty Ltd MSP.2015
Hyne & Son Pty Ltd MSP.2016
Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Limited MSP.2017


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