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Pre-Approved Australian Companies

Pre-Approved Australian Companies, showing MSP ID (Management Serives Provider),with a record set up in the CET HR blockchain, ready to upload their employees' private data.

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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
G & S Engineering Services Pty Ltd MSP.1631
G H Varley Pty Ltd MSP.1632
G James Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1633
G&C Mutual Bank Limited MSP.1634
G. & K. O'Connor Pty. Ltd. MSP.1635
G.J. & K. Cleaning Services Pty Limited MSP.1636
G.T.S Freight Management Pty Ltd MSP.1637
G4S Australia Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.1638
G4S Compliance & Investigations Pty Ltd MSP.1639
G8 Education Limited MSP.1640
Gadens Lawyers Melbourne Partnership MSP.1641
Gale Pacific Limited MSP.1642
Galen Catholic College Wangaratta MSP.1643
Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd MSP.1644
Gance Damien MSP.1645
Gance Jack MSP.1646
Gance Sam MSP.1647
Garden City Planters Pty Ltd MSP.1648
Garden Village Port Macquarie MSP.1649
Garden Village Port Macquarie MSP.1650
Gardner Denver Industries Pty Limited MSP.1651
Garmin Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.1652
Garnet Enterprises Pty Limited MSP.1653
Garry & Warren Smith Group MSP.1654
Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.1655
Garvan Institute Of Medical Research MSP.1656
Gate Gourmet Services Pty Ltd MSP.1657
Gateway Health MSP.1658
Gateway Lifestyle Employment Services Pty Ltd MSP.1659
Gateways Support Services Inc MSP.1660
Gazal Apparel Pty Limited MSP.1661
GBST Holdings Limited MSP.1662
GBT Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1663
GCFC Limited MSP.1664
GD Mitchell Enterprises Pty Ltd MSP.1665
GE Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1666
Gearhouse Broadcast Pty Ltd MSP.1667
Geelong Ethnic Communities Council Inc MSP.1668
Geelong Football Club Limited MSP.1669
Geelong Grammar School MSP.1670
Gemcraft Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1671
Genazzano F.C.J. College Limited MSP.1672
Genea Limited MSP.1673
General And Window Cleaning Pty Ltd MSP.1674
General Mills Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1675
Genesee & Wyoming Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1676
Genesis Care Limited MSP.1677
Genesis Christian College Ltd MSP.1678
Genix Ventures Removed Special Char Pty Ltd MSP.1679
Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Pty Limited MSP.1680
Geodis Wilson Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1681
Geofabrics Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.1682
Geoffrey Thompson and Growers Co-Operative Company Proprietary Limited MSP.1683
Geographe Enterprises Pty Ltd MSP.1684
Georg Jensen Pty Limited MSP.1685
George Weston Foods Limited MSP.1686
Georges River Grammar School Ltd MSP.1687
Georgiou Group Pty Ltd MSP.1688
Geotech Pty Ltd MSP.1689
Geraldton Fishermen's Co-operative Ltd MSP.1690
Geraldton Grammar School MSP.1691
Gerard Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.1692
Gerard Lighting Pty Ltd MSP.1693
Geyer Pty Ltd MSP.1694
GF Holdings (WA) Pty Ltd MSP.1695
GFK Retail And Technology Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1696
G-Force Recruitment Limited MSP.1697
GFWA Pty Ltd MSP.1698
GH Operations Pty Ltd MSP.1699
Giesecke & Devrient Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.1700
Gilbarco Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1701
Gilbert and Tobin MSP.1702
Gillen Motors Pty Ltd MSP.1703
Giordano Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1704
Gippsland & East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd MSP.1705
Gippsland Grammar MSP.1706
Girton Grammar School Ltd MSP.1707
Givaudan Australia Pty Limited MSP.1708
Glad Cleaning Service Pty Ltd MSP.1709
Glad Group Pty Ltd MSP.1710
Glad Maintenance Pty Ltd MSP.1711
Glad Security Pty Ltd MSP.1712
Gladstone Area Group Apprentices Limited MSP.1713
Glass Supplies Proprietary Limited MSP.1714
GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1715
Glen William Cameron Family Trust MSP.1716
Glencore Coal Assets Australia Pty Limited MSP.1717
Glencore Grain Pty Limited MSP.1718
Glencore Queensland Limited MSP.1719
Glenelg Community Hospital Inc MSP.1720
Glenn-Craig Villages Pty. Ltd. MSP.1721
Glenview Community Services Inc MSP.1722
Global Construction Services Limited MSP.1723
Global Medical Solutions Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1724
GlobalX Associates Pty Ltd MSP.1725
GM Holden Ltd MSP.1726
GMC Software Technology (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1727
GMHBA Limited MSP.1728
Go HQ Pty Ltd MSP.1729
Go Offshore Pty Ltd MSP.1730
Godfrey Hirst Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1731
Godolphin Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1732
Goel Family Trust MSP.1733
Gold Coast Turf Club Limited MSP.1734
Gold Fields Australia Pty Limited MSP.1735
Golden Age Hotel Nominee Pty Ltd ATF Golden Age Hotel Trust MSP.1736
Golden City Support Services Inc MSP.1737
Golden Cockerel Pty Ltd MSP.1738
Golden Swan Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1739
Golden West Apprenticeships Limited MSP.1740
Golder Associates Pty Ltd MSP.1741
Golding Contractors Pty Ltd MSP.1742
Goldman Sachs Australia Services Pty Ltd MSP.1743
Good Samaritan Industries MSP.1744
Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand MSP.1745
Good Shepherd Lutheran College MSP.1746
Good Shepherd Lutheran College NT Incorporated MSP.1747
Goodearth Hotels Management (Colonial Club) Pty Ltd MSP.1748
Goodman Fielder Pty Ltd MSP.1749
Goodman Property Services (Aust) Pty Limited MSP.1750
Goodstart Early Learning Ltd MSP.1751
Goodwin Aged Care Services Limited MSP.1752
Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres (Aust.) Pty Ltd MSP.1753
Google Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1754
Gordon Brothers Industries Pty Ltd MSP.1755
Gordon Craig Anthony MSP.1756
Gosford RSL Club Ltd MSP.1757
Goulburn Murray Group Training Limited MSP.1758
Goulburn Valley Family Care Inc MSP.1759
Goulburn Valley Grammar School Ltd MSP.1760
Goulburn Workers Club MSP.1761
Governors Of Hale School MSP.1762
GPC Asia Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.1763
GPC Electronics Pty Ltd. MSP.1764
GPT Management Holdings Limited MSP.1765
GR Engineering Services Ltd MSP.1766
Grace Worldwide (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1767
GrainCorp Limited MSP.1768
Grampians Community Health MSP.1769
Grand Lodge of Western Australian Freemasons Homes for the Aged Inc MSP.1770
Grand Pacific Health Ltd MSP.1771
Grange Resources Limited MSP.1772
Grant Broadcasters Pty Ltd MSP.1773
Grant Thornton Australia Limited MSP.1774
Graphic Packaging International Australia Converting Ltd MSP.1775
Grays (NSW) Pty Limited MSP.1776
Great Lakes Aged And Invalid Care Association Limited MSP.1777
Great Lakes Community Resources Inc MSP.1778
Great Southern Grammar School Inc MSP.1779
Great Southern Group Training Inc MSP.1780
Great Southern Rail Pty Ltd MSP.1781
Greater Bank Limited MSP.1782
Greek Orthodox Community Of St George Brisbane MSP.1783
Greek Orthodox Community Of St George Brisbane MSP.1784
Green Point Christian College Limited MSP.1785
Greenacres Disability Services MSP.1786
Greenbank RSL Services Club Inc MSP.1787
Greencross Limited MSP.1788
Greengate Partnership Pty Ltd MSP.1789
Greening Australia Ltd MSP.1790
Greenstock Nurseries Pty Ltd MSP.1791
Greenstone Financial Services Pty Ltd MSP.1792
Greyhound Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1793
Griffith Hack Unit Trust MSP.1794
Griffith University MSP.1795
Grill'd Pty Ltd MSP.1796
Grocon Pty Limited MSP.1797
Grosvenor Engineering Group Pty Ltd MSP.1798
Group GSA Pty Ltd MSP.1799
Group Marketing And Administration Services Pty Ltd MSP.1800
Group Training South West Inc. MSP.1801
Group Zara Australia Pty Limited MSP.1802
GroupM Communications Pty Ltd MSP.1803
Groupon Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1804
Gruma Oceania Pty Ltd MSP.1805
Grundfos Pumps Pty Ltd MSP.1806
GS1 Australia Ltd MSP.1807
GSM (Operations) Pty Ltd MSP.1808
GTA Australasia Pty Limited MSP.1809
GTE Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1810
Guardian Early Learning Group Pty Ltd MSP.1811
Gucci Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1812
GUD Automotive Pty Ltd MSP.1813
GUD Holdings Limited MSP.1814
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT MSP.1815
Guide Dogs Victoria MSP.1816
Guild Group Holdings Limited MSP.1817
Guild Of Undergraduates University Of WA MSP.1818
Guildford Grammar School Inc MSP.1819
Gunnersen Pty Ltd MSP.1820
Guzman y Gomez Restaurant Group Pty Ltd MSP.1821
GWA Group Limited MSP.1822



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