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Pre-Approved Australian Companies

Pre-Approved Australian Companies, showing MSP ID (Management Serives Provider),with a record set up in the CET HR blockchain, ready to upload their employees' private data.

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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
C B I Constructors Pty Ltd MSP.731
C.F.C. Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.732
C.H ATKINS & Others MSP.733
C.H. Robinson Worldwide (AU) Pty Ltd MSP.734
C.M.V. Farms Pty. Ltd. MSP.735
C.P.M. Australia Pty. Ltd. MSP.736
CA (Pacific) Pty Ltd MSP.737
Cabcharge Australia Limited MSP.738
Cablex Pty Ltd MSP.739
Cabra Dominican College Incorporated MSP.740
Cabrini Health Limited MSP.741
Cadmun Pty Ltd MSP.742
CAE Australia Pty Ltd MSP.743
Cairns Hardware Company Pty Ltd MSP.744
Calibre Commercial Insurance Pty Ltd MSP.745
Calibre Group Limited MSP.746
Callidus Process Solutions Pty Ltd MSP.747
Calrossy Anglican School MSP.748
Caltex Australia Limited MSP.749
Calvary Christian College MSP.750
Calvary Temple Christian Colleges Ltd MSP.751
Camatic Pty Limited MSP.752
Camberwell Anglican Girls' Grammar School MSP.753
Cambridge International College (VIC) Pty Ltd MSP.754
Cameron Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.755
Cameron Interstate Pty Ltd MSP.756
Campari Australia Pty Ltd MSP.757
Campbell Page Limited MSP.758
Campbelltown Anglican Schools Council MSP.759
Campbelltown Catholic Club Ltd MSP.760
Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd MSP.761
Canberra Girls Grammar School MSP.762
Canberra Grammar School MSP.763
Canberra Labor Club Limited MSP.764
Canberra Raiders Sports Club Limited MSP.765
Canberra Southern Cross Club Limited MSP.766
Canberra Tradesmen's Union Club Limited MSP.767
Cancer Council Queensland MSP.768
Cancer Council Queensland MSP.769
Cancer Council Victoria MSP.770
Cannon Hill Services Pty Ltd MSP.771
Canon Australia Pty Ltd MSP.772
Canon Information Systems Research Australia Pty Ltd MSP.773
Canterbury College Limited MSP.774
Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club Ltd MSP.775
Canterbury League Club Limited MSP.776
Cape Australia Holdings Pty Limited MSP.777
Cape Flattery Silica Mines Pty Ltd MSP.778
Cape Preston Company Pty Ltd MSP.779
Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd MSP.780
Capital SMART Repairs Australia Pty Ltd MSP.781
Capital Training Institute Pty Ltd MSP.782
Capitol Health Limited MSP.783
Capral Limited MSP.784
Capricorn Society Limited MSP.785
Caraniche Pty Ltd MSP.786
Cardijn College MSP.787
Cardno Staff Pty Ltd MSP.788
Cardtronics Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.789
Care Connect Limited MSP.790
Care Options Inc MSP.791
CareChoice (Aust) Pty Ltd as Trustee for CareChoice Business Trust MSP.792
Career Employment Group Inc MSP.793
Careflight Limited MSP.794
Carers Queensland Inc. MSP.795
CareSouth MSP.796
Carey Baptist College Inc MSP.797
Carey Baptist Grammar School Limited MSP.798
Cargill Australia Limited MSP.799
Carina Leagues Club Limited MSP.800
Carl Zeiss Pty. Limited MSP.801
Carla Zampatti Pty Limited MSP.802
Carlisle Homes Pty Ltd MSP.803
Carlson Wagonlit Australia Pty Ltd MSP.804
Carlton Football Club Limited MSP.805
Caroline Chisholm Catholic College MSP.806
Carpet Call (Holdings) Pty Ltd MSP.807
Carrier Australia Pty Ltd MSP.808
Carrington Centennial Care Limited MSP.809 Limited MSP.810
Carter & Spencer Group Pty Ltd MSP.811
Carter Holt Harvey Australia Pty Limited MSP.812
Casella Wines Pty Ltd MSP.813
Cash Converters International Limited MSP.814
Cash Stop Financial Services Pty Ltd MSP.815
Casino Canberra Limited MSP.816
Casinos Austria International (Cairns) Pty Limited MSP.817
Castle Hill RSL Club Ltd MSP.818
Castle Personnel Services Ltd MSP.819
Castlemaine Goldfields Pty Ltd MSP.820
Castlereagh Automotive Pty Ltd MSP.821
Catalent Australia Pty Ltd MSP.822
Cater Care Group Pty Ltd MSP.823
Catering Industries (NSW) Pty. Ltd. MSP.824
Caterpillar Of Australia Pty Ltd MSP.825
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited MSP.827
Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon MSP.828
Catholic Archdiocese Of Melbourne MSP.829
Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney - Chancery Office MSP.830
Catholic Church Endowment Society Inc MSP.831
Catholic Church Insurance Limited MSP.832
Catholic College Sale MSP.833
Catholic College Wodonga MSP.834
Catholic Diocese Of Port Pirie Inc MSP.835
Catholic Diocese Of Port Pirie Inc St Marks' School Board MSP.836
Catholic Education Melbourne MSP.837
Catholic Education Office MSP.838
Catholic Education Office - Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn MSP.839
Catholic Education Office - Diocese Of Parramatta MSP.840
Catholic Education Office - Northern Territory MSP.841
Catholic Education Office - Toowoomba MSP.842
Catholic Education Office Bathurst MSP.843
Catholic Education Office of Western Australia MSP.844
Catholic Education Office South Australia MSP.845
Catholic Family Services MSP.846
Catholic Family Welfare Services MSP.847
Catholic Healthcare Limited MSP.848
Catholic Ladies College Limited MSP.849
Catholic Parish Of St Agnes Port Macquarie MSP.850
Catholic Regional College Melton MSP.851
Catholic Schools Office - Newcastle MSP.852
Catholic Schools Office Armidale MSP.853
Catholic Schools Office Diocese Of Broken Bay MSP.854
Catholic Schools Office Lismore Diocese MSP.855
Catholic Special Schools Inc MSP.856
CatholicCare - Diocese Of Broken Bay MSP.857
CatholicCare Archdiocese Of Melbourne MSP.858
CatholicCare Social Services Hunter-Manning MSP.859
Caulfield Grammar School MSP.860
Cavill Power Products Pty Ltd MSP.861
CBH Resources Limited MSP.862
CBHS Health Fund Limited MSP.863
CBM Technologies Pty Ltd MSP.864
CBRE (C) Pty Limited MSP.865
Cbus Property Pty Ltd MSP.866
CCES Inc - Mercedes College MSP.867
CCL Secure Pty Ltd MSP.868
CDC Investment Group Pty Ltd MSP.869
CE Bartlett Proprietary Limited MSP.870
CEA Technologies Pty Ltd MSP.871
CEB International Holdings Incorporated MSP.872
Cebas Pty Ltd MSP.873
Cedar College Inc MSP.874
Cement Australia Pty Ltd MSP.875
Cengage Learning Australia Pty Limited MSP.876
Centacare Catholic Diocese of Ballarat Limited MSP.877
Centacare New England North West MSP.878
Centacare North Queensland MSP.879
Centacare: Catholic Diocese Of Rockhampton MSP.880
Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology MSP.881
Centennial Coal Company Limited MSP.882
Central Bayside Community Health Services Limited MSP.883
Central Coast Grammar School Limited MSP.884
Central Coast Group Training Limited MSP.885
Central Coast League's Club Limited MSP.886
Central Earthmoving Company Pty Ltd MSP.887
Central Equity Limited MSP.888
Central Highlands Group Training Inc MSP.889
Central Queensland University MSP.890
Centre For Eye Research Australia Limited MSP.891
Centrecare Incorporated MSP.892
Centrel Pty Ltd MSP.893
Centrepoint Alliance Limited MSP.894
Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd MSP.895
Cerebos (Australia) Limited MSP.896
Cerebral Palsy Alliance MSP.897
Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland MSP.898
Cerner Corporation Pty Limited MSP.899
CEVA Logistics Australia Pty. Ltd. MSP.900
CF Asia Pacific Group Pty Ltd MSP.901
CGG Services (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.902
CGI Technologies and Solutions Australia Pty Limited MSP.903
CH2M Hill Australia Pty. Limited MSP.904
Challenge Community Services MSP.905
Challenger Limited MSP.906
Challenger Services Group Pty Ltd MSP.907
Chalmers Industries Pty Ltd MSP.908
Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Western Australia Inc MSP.909
Champion Data Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.910
Chandler Macleod Group Limited MSP.911
Chandler River Pty Ltd MSP.912
Charles Darwin University MSP.913
Charles Hull Contracting Co Pty Ltd MSP.914
Charles Parsons & Co Pty Ltd MSP.915
Charles Porter & Sons Pty Ltd MSP.916
Charles Sturt University MSP.917
Charlesworth Nuts Pty Ltd MSP.918
Charter Hall Holdings Pty Limited MSP.919
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand MSP.920
Chassis Brakes International (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.921
Cheetham Salt Limited MSP.922
Chefs On The Run Australia Pty Ltd MSP.923
Chesterfield Australia Pty Ltd MSP.924
Chevalier College MSP.925
Chevron Australia Pty Ltd MSP.926
Chevron International Technical Center Pty Limited MSP.927
Chief Entertainment Pty Limited MSP.928
Child & Family Services Ballarat Inc MSP.929
Children Australia Inc MSP.930
Children's Cancer Institute Australia for Medical Research MSP.931
Children's Medical Research Institute MSP.932
Chinova Resources Cloncurry Mines Pty Ltd MSP.933
Chisholm Catholic College MSP.934
Chiyoda Oceania Pty Limited MSP.935
ChoiceOne Pty Ltd MSP.936
Christ Church Grammar School Inc MSP.937
Christadelphian Homes Limited MSP.938
Christian Brethren Community Services MSP.939
Christian Brothers College Adelaide MSP.940
Christian Brothers College Fremantle MSP.941
Christian Brothers' College St Kilda MSP.942
Christian Brothers' High School MSP.943
Christian Brothers Trinity College MSP.944
Christian College Geelong Limited MSP.945
Christian Outreach Centre MSP.946
Christian Outreach College Toowoomba MSP.947
Christian Schools Tasmania MSP.948
Chubb Insurance Australia Ltd MSP.949
Churches of Christ Care MSP.950
Churches Of Christ Community Care MSP.951
Churches of Christ Life Care Incorporated MSP.952
Cicero Clothing Pty Ltd MSP.953
Cigweld Pty Ltd MSP.954
CIMIC Admin Services Pty Limited MSP.955
Cimpress Australia Pty Ltd MSP.956
Circles Of Gold Pty Limited MSP.957
Cirrus Media Pty Limited MSP.958
Cisco Systems Australia Pty Limited MSP.959
CIT Solutions Pty Ltd MSP.960
Citic Pacific Mining Management Pty Ltd MSP.961
Citigroup Pty Limited MSP.962
Citipointe Christian College the Christian Outreach College Brisbane MSP.963
City Building Engineering Services (Aus) Pty Ltd MSP.964
City Facilities Management (Aus) Pty Ltd MSP.965
City Group Pty Ltd MSP.966
City Holdings (Aus) Pty Ltd MSP.967
City of Fairfield RSL Memorial Club Limited MSP.968
City Tattersalls Club MSP.969
CityLife Church Inc MSP.970
Civeo Pty Ltd MSP.971
Civic Disability Services Limited MSP.972
Civica Pty Limited MSP.973
Civil & Allied Technical Construction Pty Ltd MSP.974
Civmec Construction & Engineering Pty Ltd MSP.975
CJD Equipment Pty Ltd MSP.976
CLA Trading Pty Ltd MSP.977
Clarendon Corporate Services Pty Limited MSP.978
Clarius Group Limited MSP.979
Clark Equipment Australia Pty Ltd MSP.980
Clark's Logan City Bus Service (QLD) Pty Ltd MSP.981
Clayton Church Homes Inc MSP.982
Clayton Utz MSP.983
Cleanaway Operations Pty Ltd MSP.984
Cleandustrial Services Pty Ltd MSP.985
Clear2pay APAC Pty Limited MSP.986
ClearView Wealth Limited MSP.987
Cleary Bros (Bombo) Pty Ltd MSP.988
Clemenger Group Limited MSP.989
Clifford Hallam Healthcare Pty Limited MSP.990
Cliffs Natural Resources Pty Ltd MSP.991
Clinical Laboratories Pty Ltd MSP.992
Clinipath Pathology Pty Ltd MSP.993
Clinpath Laboratories Pty Ltd MSP.994
Clontarf Foundation MSP.995
CloudMed Pty Ltd MSP.996
Clough Projects Pty Ltd MSP.997
Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning Pty Ltd MSP.998
Club Assist Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.999
Club Demonstration Services Australia Inc MSP.1000
Club Marconi Of Bossley Park Social Recreation And Sporting Centre Limited MSP.1001
CMBM Facility Services Pty Ltd MSP.1002
CMC Group Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.1003
CMGRP Pty Limited MSP.1004
CML Group Limited MSP.1005
CMOC Mining Services Pty Limited MSP.1006
CNH Industrial Pty Ltd MSP.1007
Co As It Community Services MSP.1008
Co.As.It (Italian Association Of Assistance) MSP.1009
Co.As.It. Italian Assistance Association MSP.1010
Coal Services Pty Limited MSP.1011
Coates Hire Operations Pty Limited MSP.1012
Cobar Management Pty Ltd MSP.1013
Cobden District Health Services Inc MSP.1014
Coburg Aged Care Pty Ltd MSP.1015
Coburg Home for the Aged Inc MSP.1016
Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd MSP.1017
Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.1018
Cochlear Limited MSP.1019
Cockram Construction Limited MSP.1020
Codan Limited MSP.1021
Code Red Marketing PTY LTD MSP.1022
Coffey International Limited MSP.1023
Coffs Ex-Services Memorial And Sporting Club Ltd MSP.1024
Coffs Harbour Support Services Inc MSP.1025
Cognizant Technology Solutions Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1026
CoHealth Ltd MSP.1027
Col Crawford Pty Ltd MSP.1028
Coles Group Limited MSP.1029
Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1030
Colgate-Palmolive Pty Ltd MSP.1031
Colin Biggers & Paisley Pty Limited MSP.1032
Colin Biggers & Paisley Pty Limited MSP.1033
Colin Joss & Co Pty Limited MSP.1034
Collection House Limited MSP.1035
College of Electrical Training Incorporated MSP.1036
Colliers International (WA) Pty Ltd MSP.1037
Colliers International Holdings (Australia) Limited MSP.1038
Collingwood Football Club Limited MSP.1039
Collins & Brown Pty Ltd MSP.1040
Collins Restaurants Management Pty Ltd MSP.1041
Colony 47 Inc MSP.1042
Columbia Group Unit Trust MSP.1043
Comcater Pty Ltd MSP.1044
Comdain Infrastructure Pty Ltd MSP.1045
ComfortDelGro Corporation Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1046
Commercial Club (Albury) Ltd MSP.1047
Commercial Motor Vehicles Pty Ltd MSP.1048
Commonwealth Bank of Australia MSP.1049
CommScope Technologies Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1050
Communicare Inc MSP.1052
Communities@Work Limited MSP.1053
Community Accommodation and Respite Agency Inc MSP.1054
Community Alliance Credit Union Limited MSP.1055
Community And Public Sector Union (PSU Group) MSP.1056
Community AXIS Enterprises Inc. MSP.1057
Community Based Support Inc MSP.1058
Community Connections Australia MSP.1059
Community CPS Australia Limited MSP.1060
Community First Credit Union Limited MSP.1061
Community First International MSP.1062
Community Housing Limited MSP.1063
Community Living Project Inc MSP.1064
Community Mutual Ltd MSP.1065
Community Newspaper Group Limited MSP.1066
Community Programs Association Inc MSP.1067
Community Services #1 Incorporated MSP.1068
Community Support Inc MSP.1069
Community Vision MSP.1070
Commvault Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1071
Como Glasshouse No2 Pty Ltd MSP.1072
Compass Group (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1073
Compassion Australia MSP.1074
Competitive Foods Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1075
Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd MSP.1076
Complete Personnel SA Unit Trust MSP.1077
Computer Systems (Australia) Pty Limited MSP.1078
Computershare Limited MSP.1079
Computertrans (Aust) Pty Limited MSP.1080
Conbear Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.1081
Concentrix Services Pty Ltd MSP.1082
Concordia College Inc MSP.1083
Concordia College Inc MSP.1084
Concordia Lutheran College MSP.1085
Condos Investments Pty Limited MSP.1086
Confoil Pty Ltd MSP.1087
Congregation Of The Presentation Sisters Of (WA) Inc MSP.1088
ConnectAbility Australia Incorporated MSP.1089
ConnectEast Pty Limited MSP.1090
Connor Clothing Pty Ltd MSP.1091
ConocoPhillips Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1092
Consec Group Pty Ltd MSP.1093
Consolidated Pastoral Company Pty Ltd MSP.1094
Consolidated Press Holdings Pty Limited MSP.1095
Consolidated Property Services (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1096
Consolidated Travel Pty Ltd MSP.1097
Consolo Ltd MSP.1098
Construction Control Australia Pty Limited MSP.1099
Construction Forestry Mining & Energy Union National Office MSP.1100
Continental Pty Ltd MSP.1101
Contract Resources Pty Ltd MSP.1102
Converga Pty Ltd MSP.1103
Converge International Pty Ltd MSP.1104
Coogee Chemicals Pty Ltd MSP.1105
Cooinda Coonabarabran Ltd MSP.1106
Cooke & Dowsett Pty Ltd MSP.1107
Cooper Electrical Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1108
Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers MSP.1109
Cooperatieve Rabobank UA MSP.1110
Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited MSP.1111
Coopers Brewery Limited MSP.1112
Cootharinga Society of North Queensland MSP.1113
Copperchem Limited MSP.1114
Copyright Agency Ltd MSP.1115
Coral Homes Pty Ltd MSP.1116
Cordina Chicken Farms Pty Ltd MSP.1117
CORE Community Services Ltd MSP.1118
Cornerstone College Inc MSP.1119
Cornett Stores Pty Ltd MSP.1120
Cornett Stores Pty Ltd MSP.1121
Cornish College MSP.1122
Cornish College MSP.1123
Corporate Health Group Defence Pty Ltd MSP.1124
Corporate Protection Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1125
Corporate Travel Management Group Pty Ltd MSP.1126
Corporation Of The Trustees Of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese Of Brisbane - Centacare Administration Services MSP.1127
Corpus Christi College MSP.1128
Correct Care Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.1129
Corrs Chambers Westgarth MSP.1130
Corumbene Nursing Home for The Aged Inc. MSP.1131
Cospak Pty Ltd MSP.1132
Costa Fresh Logistics Pty Ltd & Polar Fresh Investments Pty Ltd MSP.1133
Costa's Pty Ltd MSP.1134
Costco Wholesale Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1135
Cotton On Clothing Pty. Ltd. MSP.1136
Coty Australia Pty. Limited MSP.1137
Council Of Newington College MSP.1138
Countplus Limited MSP.1139
Country Care Management Services Pty Ltd MSP.1140
Country Road Clothing Pty Ltd MSP.1141
Couriers Please Pty Ltd MSP.1142
Coventry Group Limited MSP.1143
Cover-More Insurance Services Pty Ltd MSP.1144
Covestro Pty Ltd MSP.1145
Cowboys Leagues Club Ltd MSP.1146
Cowra Retirement Village Ltd MSP.1147
Cox Automotive Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1148
CPA Australia Ltd MSP.1149
CPB Contractors Pty Limited MSP.1150
CPC Engineering Pty Ltd MSP.1151
CPT Global Limited MSP.1152
CQMS Razer Pty Ltd MSP.1153
Crabtree & Evelyn Australia Pty Limited MSP.1154
Craig Mostyn & Co Pty Ltd MSP.1155
Cranbrook School MSP.1156
CRANES Community Support Programs Limited MSP.1157
Crawford & Company (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.1158
Creativity Incorporated MSP.1159
Credit Corp Group Limited MSP.1160
Credit Suisse Management (Australia) Pty Limited MSP.1161
Credit Union Australia Ltd MSP.1162
Credit Union SA Ltd MSP.1163
Cricket Australia MSP.1164
Cricks Highway Auto Group MSP.1165
Cripps Nubake Pty Limited MSP.1166
Crisp Bros. & Haywards Pty Ltd MSP.1167
Cristal Mining Australia Limited MSP.1168
Cristal Pigment Australia Ltd MSP.1169
Cromford Group Pty Ltd MSP.1170
Cromwell Operations Pty Ltd MSP.1171
Crossmark Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1172
Crown Equipment Pty Ltd MSP.1173
Crown Resorts Limited MSP.1174
Crown Worldwide (Aust) Pty Limited MSP.1175
CrownBet Pty Limited MSP.1176
Cruise Whitsundays Pty Ltd MSP.1177
CSG International Pty Ltd MSP.1178
CSG Limited MSP.1179
CSL Limited MSP.1180
CSL Limited MSP.1181
CSR Limited MSP.1182
CSR Limited MSP.1183
CTI Logistics Limited MSP.1184
Cub Pty Ltd MSP.1185
Cubic Defence Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1186
CuDeco Limited MSP.1187
Cue & Co Pty Ltd MSP.1188
Cullens Pty Limited MSP.1189
Cummins Filtration International Corp. MSP.1190
Cummins South Pacific Pty Ltd MSP.1191
Currumbin Palm Beach RSL & Services Memorial Club Inc MSP.1192
Curtin University Of Technology MSP.1193
Curwoods Legal Services Pty Ltd MSP.1194
Cuscal Limited MSP.1195
Cushman & Wakefield Pty Ltd MSP.1196
Custom Bus Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1197
Custom Fluidpower Pty Ltd MSP.1198
Customer Care Pty Ltd MSP.1199
CV Services Group Pty Ltd MSP.1200
CVGT Australia Limited MSP.1201
Cyient Australia Pty Ltd MSP.1202



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