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Pre-Approved Australian Companies

Pre-Approved Australian Companies, showing MSP ID (Management Serives Provider),with a record set up in the CET HR blockchain, ready to upload their employees' private data.

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Invited Australian Company MSP ID
B & McK Services Trust MSP.457
B P Australia Pty Ltd MSP.459
B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd MSP.460
B. & J. Catalano Pty Ltd MSP.461
Babcock Mission Critical Services Australasia Pty Ltd MSP.462
Babcock Pty Ltd MSP.463
Baby Bunting Pty Ltd MSP.464
Bacova Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.465
Badge Management Pty Ltd MSP.466
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.467
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Pty Ltd MSP.468
BAE Systems Australia Limited MSP.469
BAI Communications Pty Ltd MSP.470
Baiada Poultry Pty Limited MSP.471
Bain International Inc MSP.472
Baker & McKenzie MSP.473
Baker Hughes Australia Pty Ltd MSP.476
Bakers Delight Holdings Limited MSP.477
Baldwin Care Group Pty Ltd MSP.478
Balfours Bakery Pty Ltd MSP.479
Ballantyne Pty Ltd MSP.480
Ballarat And Clarendon College MSP.481
Ballarat Community Health MSP.482
Ballina RSL Club Limited MSP.483
Bank Australia Limited MSP.484
Bank of China Limited MSP.485
Bank of Queensland MSP.486
Bank Of Sydney Ltd MSP.487
Bankstown City Aged Care Ltd MSP.488
Bankstown District Sports Club Limited MSP.489
Bankstown Handicapped Children's Centre Association Inc MSP.490
Banyule Community Health MSP.491
Baptcare MSP.492
Baptist Care (SA) Incorporated MSP.493
Baptist Village Baxter Limited MSP.494
Baptistcare Incorporated MSP.495
Baptistcare NSW & ACT MSP.496
Barana (St Kilda) Investments Pty Ltd MSP.497
Barbeques Galore Pty Ltd MSP.498
Bardot Pty Ltd MSP.499
Barker College MSP.500
Barker Trailers Pty. Ltd. MSP.501
Barkuma Inc MSP.502
Barminco Limited MSP.503
Barnardos Australia MSP.504
Barnbougle Golf Pty Ltd MSP.505
Barooga Sports Club Ltd MSP.506
Barry & Helen Fitzgerald Family Trust MSP.507
Barwon Child Youth & Family MSP.508
BASF Australia Ltd MSP.509
Batchelor Institute Of Indigenous Tertiary Education MSP.510
Bates Smart Architects Pty Ltd MSP.511
Bauer Media Limited MSP.512
Baxter Healthcare Pty Ltd MSP.513
Baycorp (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.514
Bayer Australia Limited MSP.515
Bayer CropScience Pty Ltd MSP.516
Bayford Group Pty. Limited MSP.517
Bayside B.W.E Pty Ltd MSP.518
Bayton Cleaning Co Pty Ltd MSP.519
BBC Worldwide Australia Pty Ltd MSP.520
BCI Media Group Pty Ltd MSP.521
BDO (WA) Pty Ltd atf BDO (WA) Directors & Employees' Trust MSP.522
BDO Administration (QLD) Pty Ltd MSP.523
BDO Administration (SA) Pty Ltd MSP.524
BDO East Coast Partnership MSP.525
BDS People Pty Ltd MSP.526
BE Campbell Services Pty Ltd MSP.527
Beach Energy Limited MSP.528
Beacon Lighting Group Limited MSP.529
Beaconhills Christian College Limited MSP.530
Beca Pty Ltd MSP.531
Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd MSP.532
Becton Dickinson Pty Ltd MSP.533
Bedford Phoenix Incorporated MSP.534
Beechwood Homes (NSW) Pty Limited MSP.535
Bega Cheese Limited MSP.536
Beiersdorf Australia Ltd MSP.537
Belconnen Community Service Inc MSP.538
Belgravia Group Pty Ltd MSP.539
Bell Potter Securities Limited MSP.540
Belmont 16Ft Sailing Club Ltd MSP.541
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited MSP.543
Bendigo Regional Young Mens Christian Association Youth Services Incorporated MSP.544
Benedict Industries Pty Ltd MSP.545
Bengalla Mining Company Pty Ltd MSP.546
Bensonlily Surfers Paradise Pty Ltd MSP.547
Bentleys (Qld) Pty Ltd MSP.548
Berendsen Fluid Power Pty Limited MSP.549
Berlian Services Pty Ltd MSP.550
Bernardi Group Pty Ltd as trustee for Bernardi Family Trading Unit Trust MSP.551
Berri Hotel Incorporated MSP.552
Berwick Motor Group Pty Ltd MSP.553
Best & Less Pty Ltd MSP.554
Best Bar Pty Ltd MSP.555
BEST Employment Limited MSP.556
Betfair Pty Ltd MSP.557
Bethany Christian Care MSP.558
Bethany Community Support Inc MSP.559
Bethesda Hospital Inc MSP.560
Bethshan Ministries Limited MSP.561
Betts Group Pty Ltd MSP.562
BevChain Pty Ltd MSP.563
Beveridge Williams And Co Pty Ltd MSP.564
Beyond Blue Limited MSP.565
Beyond Television Group Pty Limited MSP.566
BG&E Pty Limited MSP.567
BGC (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.568
BGC Contracting Pty Ltd MSP.569
BHP Billiton Limited - Group Functions MSP.570
BHP Billiton Nickel West Pty Ltd MSP.572
BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.574
BHP Billiton Petroleum Pty Ltd MSP.576
BHP Billiton WAIO Pty Ltd MSP.578
BHP Coal Pty Ltd MSP.580
Bialik College (Nominees) Pty Ltd MSP.582
Bickford's Australia Pty Ltd MSP.583
Bidfood Australia Limited MSP.584
Big Ben Holdings Pty Limited MSP.585
Big Fat Smile Group Ltd MSP.586
Big River Group Pty Ltd MSP.587
Bigair Group Limited MSP.588
Billanook College Limited MSP.589
Biniris (AUST.) Pty. Ltd. MSP.590
bioMerieux Australia Pty Ltd MSP.591
Biotronik Australia Pty Ltd  MSP.592
Birdsnest Pty Limited MSP.593
BIS Industries Limited MSP.594
Bishop Druitt College Council MSP.595
Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College MSP.596
BITZER Australia Pty Limited MSP.597
BJ Ball Pty Limited MSP.598
Black & White Cabs Pty Ltd MSP.599
Blackfriars Priory School MSP.600
Blackmores Limited MSP.601
BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Limited MSP.602
Blacktown Workers Club Ltd MSP.603
Blenner's Transport Pty Ltd MSP.604
Blue Care MSP.605
Blue Illusion Australia Pty Ltd MSP.606
Blue Mountains Grammar School Limited MSP.607
Bluefit Pty Ltd MSP.608
BluePrint Group Pty Ltd MSP.609
BlueScope Steel Limited MSP.610
Bluestone Mines Tasmania Joint Venture Pty Ltd MSP.611
BM Alliance Coal Operations Pty Limited MSP.612
BMD Constructions Pty Ltd MSP.613
BMT WBM Pty Ltd MSP.614
BMW Australia Finance Limited MSP.615
BMW Australia Ltd MSP.616
BMW Melbourne Pty. Limited MSP.617
BNP Paribas MSP.618
Boandik Lodge Inc MSP.619
Boart Longyear Australia Pty Ltd MSP.620
Bob Jane Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.621
BOC Ltd MSP.622
Bodhicorp Pty Ltd ATF Gadens Service Trust No 2 MSP.623
Boehringer Ingelheim Pty Ltd MSP.624
Boeing Aerostructures Australia Pty Limited MSP.625
Boeing Australia Holdings Proprietary Limited MSP.626
Boeing Defence Australia MSP.627
Boeing Holdings Pty Ltd MSP.628
Boeing Training & Flight Services Australia Pty Limited MSP.629
Bohler Uddeholm (Australia) Pty Ltd MSP.630
Bomaderry Bowling Club Ltd MSP.631
Bond University MSP.632
Bookah Family Trust MSP.633
Boom Logistics Ltd MSP.634
Booroongen Djugun Limited MSP.635
Boost Juice Pty Ltd MSP.636
Booth Transport Pty Ltd MSP.637
Boral MSP.638
Border Express Pty Ltd MSP.639
Borg Manufacturing Pty Limited MSP.640
Borg Shared Services Pty Ltd MSP.641
Bostik Australia Pty Ltd MSP.642
Boston Scientific Pty Ltd MSP.643
Botanical Food Company Pty Ltd MSP.644
Bottega Veneta Australia Pty Ltd MSP.645
Bouygues Construction Australia Pty Ltd MSP.646
Bowen & Pomeroy Proprietary Limited MSP.647
BP Refinery (Kwinana) Pty Ltd MSP.648
BPAY Group Ltd MSP.649
BPS Technology Ltd MSP.650
Bradken Resources Pty Limited MSP.651
Bradnam's Windows & Doors Pty Ltd MSP.652
Brady Australia Pty Ltd MSP.653
Brambles MSP.654
Brand Collective Pty Ltd MSP.655
Bras N Things Pty Ltd MSP.656
Bravura Solutions Operation Pty Limited MSP.657
Break Thru People Solutions MSP.658
Brennan VP Trust & Others MSP.659
Breville Pty Ltd MSP.660
Brickworks Limited MSP.661
Bridgestone Australia Ltd MSP.662
Brierty Limited MSP.663
Briggs & Stratton Australia Pty Limited MSP.664
Brighton Australia Pty Ltd MSP.665
Brighton Grammar School MSP.666
Brightstar Logistics Pty Ltd MSP.667
Brightwater Care Group Inc MSP.668
Brigidine College St Ives MSP.669
Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Ltd MSP.670
Brisbane Convention Centre Hotel (Development) Limited MSP.671
Brisbane Racing Club Limited MSP.672
Bristol-Myers Squibb Australia Pty Ltd MSP.673
Bristow Helicopters Australia Pty Ltd MSP.674
Britax Childcare Pty Ltd MSP.675
Brite Services MSP.676
British American Tobacco Australia Limited MSP.677
Broadlex Services Pty Ltd MSP.678
Broadspectrum (Australia) Pty Limited MSP.679
Bromic Pty Ltd MSP.680
Brookfield Australia Investments Limited MSP.681
Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions Pty Ltd MSP.682
Brookfield Rail Employment Pty Ltd MSP.683
Brophy Family & Youth Servs Inc. MSP.684
Brotherhood Of St Laurence MSP.685
Brothers Leagues Club (Townsville) Ltd MSP.686
Brown & Watson International Pty Limited MSP.687
Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard Pty Ltd MSP.688
Brownes Foods Operations Pty Limited MSP.689
Brown-Forman Australia Pty Limited MSP.690
Brunel Technical Services Pty Ltd MSP.692
BSA Limited MSP.693
BSH Home Appliances Pty Ltd MSP.694
BT Australasia Pty Limited MSP.695
BT Investment Management Ltd MSP.696
BTI Pty Limited MSP.697
Bucher Municipal Pty Ltd MSP.698
Buckland Convalescent Hospital MSP.699
Buderim Group Limited MSP.700
Buildcorp Group Pty Ltd MSP.701
Building Group Apprenticeship Scheme Ltd MSP.702
Built NSW Pty Ltd MSP.703
Bulk Frozen Foods Pty. Ltd. MSP.704
Bulletproof Networks Pty Limited MSP.705
Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School Inc MSP.706
Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Pty Ltd MSP.707
Bundaberg Friendly Society Medical Institute Limited MSP.708
Bundaberg Sugar Ltd MSP.709
Bundaleer Care Services Ltd MSP.710
Bunnings Group Ltd MSP.711
Bunzl Australasia Holdings Pty Limited MSP.712
Bupa Australia Pty Limited MSP.713
Bupa Care Services Pty Limited MSP.714
Burbank Australia Pty Ltd MSP.715
Bureau Veritas Australia Pty Ltd MSP.716
Burgmann Anglican School MSP.717
Burnside War Memorial Hospital Inc MSP.718
Burra Foods Pty Ltd MSP.719
Burson Automotive Pty Ltd MSP.720
Burwood R S L Club Ltd MSP.721
Bush Heritage Australia MSP.722
Bushland Health Group Limited MSP.723
Buslink NT Pty Ltd MSP.724
Buslink Sunshine Coast Pty Ltd MSP.725
Buslink Vivo Pty Ltd MSP.726
Busways Group Pty Limited MSP.727
BVCI Pty. Ltd. MSP.728
BVN Architecture Pty Ltd MSP.729
BWA Group Services Pty Ltd MSP.730


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